Drake Accuses Coachella Country Club Of Racial Discrimination

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  • ilikemusic.


  • imaginationsequation

    They didn’t let him in cuz he’s Jewish?

  • Lil freshy

    ” so watch how you speak on my name, ya know” lmao

  • smith jones

    LOL you gotta be pretty ignorant thinking you can walk into a white business and everything gonna be ok… whatkanye say.. even if you in a band you still a nigga.. something like that

    • Lol shoe

      Band or coupe?

    • Dundada


  • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

    None these niggas could afford to stay there anyway fucken soft serve bitches

  • QuillMill

    I’m the 7th commenter so god blessed this

  • Samisback

    I honestly forgot Drake was black

  • JSlimm65

    I think they were racist to his homeboys……Who gonna mistake him for a black man…All he gotta do say I was the Wheelchair guy on Degrassi….or Say I’m from the 6 Aye

  • DonCDaCapo

    Half these mfs never stayed at that shit let alone could afford it if one of us went on a rant nd said somebody at the Hilton was racist nobody would give 2 shits

  • Spookeysmoker

    When light niggas talk about racism lol

  • bawse

    They probably were concerned about 15 niggaz wildin out at their place. Im guessing they would be just as worried if it was 15 white blink 182 looking punk rockers with neck tats.