Dr. Miami Shades Kim Kardashian’s Ass

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  • Ye’

    I like it

  • Eww

    • kushxchevys


  • Food4Thought

    That’s some serious diaper ass she got going on..Just eat right and do your squats.Aint no reason for all that

    • Ghostface-

      nigga thats the fake booty after aging — diet aint doing shit, her body sagging

  • CO Killer

    Wait, is she really telling people her ass is real?

    • Craig

      Yes her and khloe…. and she is worse because she has been working out. So everything on her is getting slim and tone except her ass. Bitch look like a duck. If you look at kourtny…… that’s how their bodies are supposed to look.

  • Matt Leon

    Both Kanye and Kim are delusional as fuck if they think they are fooling anybody with that shit. That ass is fake. End of story.

  • Craig

    See Kim… you supposed to twerk every few hours like nikki to keep that cement mix from hardening

    • Worldwide Intentionz