Dr. Dre & Eminem Describe Writing A Hit Minutes After First Meeting In Studio

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  • just another white nigga

    shows up in all yellow, prolly a doo rag, and hes white? you know doc musta been buggin, at least for a second.

    • Triple O

      lmao straight outta “Malibu’s Most Wanted”

      • Manny Bravo

        Lmao, don’t be hatin’.

      • except dre had been listening to his shit and loving it thinking hes black lol

        em came in with swag

      • just another white nigga

        you know thats how em dressed at first.

        im from the hood, and i rock g shit like everyone else, but i never understood the doo rag on a whiteboy. its the fine line between bein who you are, and bein a wigger/ race vulture.

    • frankwhitedc

      Why i just pictures that shit perfectly lol

    • frankwhitedc

      Yellow velour phat farm outfit, top and bottom lls

      • just another white nigga

        homie was trailer park poor. prolly a south pole not phat farm lol

        • frankwhitedc

          You right

  • TKingLives

    How legends are born