Dr. Dre Cuffed After Alleged Racial Incident Outside Of His Home

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  • SouthernCracka


  • smh. shit is about to get real real ugly after this election.

    • vapaperboi .

      tru..glad u awake

    • BrodieThaGod

      I just hope everyone can come together against the real enemy and not against each other. The government would love to see the citizens fighting against each other instead of goin against them and the militarised police force they have patrolling the streets now.

      • dog it’s that simple, but the main problem is you have too many con artists talking to too many simple minded ppl.

        I live in atl…now why on earth would a tiny little nearby town like doraville have a police force that literally has a tank. a fuckin tank bruh!

        but ppl don’t realize they just using minorities as guinea pigs to test out the coming police state, because they’re too busy dividing themselves.

  • Food4Thought

    It’s an election based on the lesser of 2 evils and I’m sure not giving Trump my vote

    • Conner Hunter-Moore

      please don’t tell me your going for Clinton if you do you might aswell bring bush back in to office trump stands against illuminati and the globalist fucks that ruin the world if you vote for Hillary then you support the nwo , illuminati and the bad guys from the middle east that Obama and her created

      • Philly Ciz

        Trump is one of the globalist fucks that ruined the country. He also was bailed out twice by the Prince of Saudi Arabia. Don’t buy into the narrative. Trump is no better than Bernie Madoff.

  • HotlineQueef

    no matter hw much $ you have you will always be a nigger Dr Dre. I say that with all due respect

    • lois.taylor.90

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      • ilikemusic.

        Still a Nigg

      • HotlineQueef

        fuck off and go back to selliing drugs you fucking nigger

    • tr3y


  • kushskywalker

    Ya see it fuck ya money and ya status

  • DoeMen Entertainment

    That was just a search cmon fuck TMZ

  • Fronco.P

    people like dr.dre & jay-z & whoever else black that got money needs to find ways to help black folks out by owning shit or even get them employed with all that money they got…just because your rich dont mean shit because us blacks dont own nothing at all…all these rich blacks cares about is who got more then who…thats why i dont surport nobody anymore because thry dont suport us

    • “us blacks don’t own nothing at all, not even a chicken spot”

      speak for yaself b.

      • Fronko

        your renting playa

    • Chakraninja

      I don’t need no help with mines, those men earned what they have by working hard. They don’t owe nobody shit.

    • lu kang

      go get educated man you are part of the problem being so ignorant you can be fooled easily, talking about owning chicken shacks and how someone should hire you because they are black to? wtf is wrong with you

  • Astronaut

    Dre did all the right things. Lead by example my guy. Not all blacks tote guns.

    • Je’sus

      You right I have a sword instead

  • Louis Swan II

    Next time if someone is blocking your Driveway Dre, call the Los Angeles Tow Yruck Company, they will be glad to Tow the Car and impound it. Don’t say SHIT! Just have the MF Towed. The End.

  • Louis Swan II

    Dr. Dre, find a Tow Truck Company in Los Angeles that will Tow any car that blocks your driveway, they will be more than happy to tow the car and impound it, get a Tow Truck Company that has those Tow Truck Signs, they will think twice before blocking your driveway next time. You won’t have to say or do anything just call the Tow Truck Company. The End.

  • 100squad

    What y’all aint know, it ain’t nothing but a “G” thang.. Even with that $, he still a N.W. A..

  • Did I do THAAAAAT

    White people been lying about blacks having guns a lot.. Get a fucking life, low lives..

    • BrodieThaGod

      Rich white people* cops* all the white people I know don’t rock that way

  • Daniel King

    What a joke that fool who was blocking his drive tried to get him arrested for some false shit and he didnt have a gun makes me sick that this clown would stoop so low it could of resulted in something much worse some people need to get a fucking grip

  • (✮❀♬Jdm Life♪ ❀✮)

    i would of knocked his shit down and swing on his ass

  • DaHoppa

    Glad Dre survived it

  • ilikemusic.

    What if all the raindrops turned into milkshakes??

  • jaysonmanman

    They shouldn’t have put pokestops by Dre’s house. All im sayin….

  • yolkipalki69


  • Imwhite

    Obviously he didn’t have a gun, If he did, dude wouldn’t say “hear we go another black guy with a gun” he woulda moved his fucking car real quick

  • rt

    he then went into the studios and made the new how track “fuck the police 2”

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