DMX’s Baby Mama Claps Back At Chief Keef’s Claim He Banged Her

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  • gas pacc

    He’s tryn not to get the dawg mad. Bars n wit the shits is a bad combo for niggas like chief keef

    • Johnny Cage Jr.

      DMX dont know sosa is a straight up thug

      • gas pacc

        Lmao a straight up thug but cried when he got months n lp n dmx wit the shits tho

        • Bermuda297

          Dumb fucks like u wouldn’t understand. All of a sudden u have millions n now ya goin to jail. At 17 too. Fuckin right ya gonna cry

          • gas pacc

            No dumb ass like u makin an excuse on y he cryin. U have millions n still gonna have it when u get it. U act like the nigga got yrs. He damn near grown he wasn’t cryn when he drilling so knocc it off bruh.

          • NativeMpLs

            boo fucking hoo, real savages dont cry bruh

          • It’s Better This Way

            They should’ve had your ass in there crying with him wit yo dick riding ass

          • Bermuda297

            When u can’t do what u want dem tears flow nigga. U niggas must have had it good ya whole lives. Nigga went from broke to rich instantly n then that shit gettin put on hold for a min, n u expect him to be like aight cool, no worries. Ya a dumb nigga

          • It’s Better This Way

            That’s why yo ass don’t do the crime if you afraid to do the time. Extra dumb nigga

      • fried rice

        Nigga cried for months on a county bid lol but he tuff everybody big Meexh until they locked up with no gun and niggas makin shanks out of portable radios

        • Johnnie Boy

          Cheef keef a hoe Nigga can’t even rap Nigga always mubling and shit

      • Don’t be afraid

        Thugs get destroyed everyday. X is crazy.. there’s a difference. Leave that Brother alone.. why even mention his name if you meant no disrespect. You disrespected the mother of the Mans children. .. in public. That qualify’s as disrespect.

        • Je’sus

          Man go count his kids and mothers man.

        • fried rice

          Nigga that it the clown profile pic you took it throw back Stephen King

      • 1970suntin

        I bet u your under 25 years old maybe even a teenager,with a comment like that

        • #Worklife


      • Michael Elz Ellery

        He’s a retard not a thug. Get it right

        • Bermuda297

          Lol be a different story in his face

          • Michael Elz Ellery

            Fuck that nigga. In face i will mug the shit outta that lil nigga . Cuz he got guns We got them too and bigger ones. Lil niggas scared to fight. Thats the real problem

  • RCade

    If keef a straight thug then I’m Elvis Presley. He pure pussy fuck outta here.

    • Bermuda297

      Ya a pussy

    • swagchef

      he did shoot at some cops and live to tell the tale…

  • RainingOposites

    I dont believe her I think she let Keef hit I could be wrong but I doubt it, now shes tryna back track cus she dont want the world to know she fucked that ugly nigga.

    • It’s Better This Way


    • changewillcomewhenuwakeup

      i agree but i think what added fuel to the fire that nigga act like he aint kno her name then put her pu***y on blast that wuld make any chick back trak

  • WEEDMAN420

    Wooooooooow these young niggas are fuckin stupid, I hope DMX see’s this punk bitch in person keef going to be shaking like a punk bitch and I bet he hides behind his security

  • Sociopath

    she hot though…

  • Mister Clayton

    man, i remember visiting chicago many summers ago and all the young cats used to always talk about how dmx was always sliding thru buying crack. i swear to god i used to argue with them about how D sold crack so he knows the consequences and all the shit and why would a ny nigga be in chicago buying crack, i was naive….
    Then the dark man had later said ‘shots to the wild wild hundreds’ on his song ‘up in here'(which he also shot a few strays at kurupt/foxy) and i was stunned because thats where i was in chicago when i first heard he was on dope…then years later he was a certified crackhead.
    game is cold. moral of the story? he has ties to chicago which could add credibility to keefs ‘tale’ 😉
    so what.. appreciate this random post.

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    “It’s not what you heard, it’s what you hearing” -DMX

  • MURDA ACE 187

    Chief fucked up dats durr iz all 2 it

  • Michael Cooper Sr.

    X gon give it to em!

  • It’s Better This Way

    Oh yeah he definitely hit it, her responses are childish af.

  • bigwillbwoy

    Real men don’t kiss and tell