DMX Hit With 14 Counts Of Tax Evasion

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  • Bill Jansen

    44 years wtf they justcthrew that in there like its 18months my god hope the dog aint crackface it all like thst

  • Thee_One1


  • Lol shoe

    nigga dumb.

  • fonzo517

    man this is sad

  • just another white nigga

    he made his choices. but damn x. i think x someone that could put out a new album right now in his old age n still have something relevant to say.

  • Daniel King

    44 years WTF that’s madness I like dmx have been a big dmx fan from I heard him back in my younger days I know he has messed up number of times I was hoping he would get back on his feet I hope and prey things get better for him

  • Mike Power

    if his so called fam, swizz, jay, irv, jada and others, let X get that kinda time over 1.7mill thats fucked up.. i know if my bro goes too court, and needs my help.. im there no question, no matter what, thats just me!!

    • d1gord

      X one of my favorite ever. But he a grown man who got himself in trouble. I can see him getting helped out for drugs and other demons. But taxes are his fault. I wouldn’t help him

  • kushxchevys

    DMn free X