DMX Arrested Again

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  • Jeremiah

    Looks he needs to pay that child support


    Child support laws need to be changed!!!

    • Feminism = Satanism.. Some of these hoes are pimps and they don’t care.

  • Blanco

    X need to move out of the States. People love X all over the world.

  • #Worklife

    Fukk this guy

    • Don’t be afraid

      Better Yet. FUCK YOU.

      • #Worklife

        Go suck his dick, he waitin for you

        • Don’t be afraid

          Homosexuals always quick to turn the conversation Gay.

          • #Worklife

            lol i aint Gay, I juss call it how i see it, fagget

          • Don’t be afraid

            See there you go again .. I never said you were Gay. But if you’re feeling guilty.. I won’t argue with you.

          • #Worklife

            lol alright fagget, its cool

          • KUSHNCHEVYS