DJ Khaled Says His Show Was Sabotaged After Getting Booed Off Stage [VIDEO]

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  • Melo

    What are regular sound issues? Just wondering. Cause it said everyone else’s set was fine.

  • Da Truth

    THEY don’t want you to win….stay away from THEY

  • Manny Bravo

    They don’t want to see you perform in Vegas! They don’t want you to be on time! They don’t want your sound to be right! So, you know what we’re gonna do? Bless up!

  • Manny Bravo

    I saw DJ Khaled perform at the University of Florida, and it was a (surprisingly) good show. If the have the chance to go to one of his concerts, I recommend it.

  • Whitedude

    WHAT IN THE MULTICOLORED FUCK DOES KHALED PERFORM??! Just come on stage and yell his name while the songs play?? I’m so confused but I’m fa sho tryna get that kind of money tho!

  • Astronaut

    Just proves without these computers and speaker hip hop will perish with majority of these rappers. Real artist can sing with no autotune. Real artist can rap accapella to put on a show. Then again this was dj khaled lol