DJ Khaled Lists The Artist He Hasn’t Been Able To Get A Feature From

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  • Melo

    Em ain’t with the shit.

  • Leekluv216

    A 16 from the NEW Em ain’t worth that shit. If this was 10-15 years ago, that would be a no brainer.

    • BeenASavage

      mann chill out

      • BrodieThaGod

        Nah he got a point. I don’t fuck with post 09 em

        • Je’sus

          Recovery was good. After that, meh

          • Corrado


      • AmazingLilBastard

        Name one good song or even a verese from Em in the last 3 years…. #Crickets

        • Scorp Productions

          No Favors.

        • supaninja

          Medicine man…on Dr Dre Compton album

          • supaninja

            Don’t respond until you hear it lol

        • Leekluv216

          Kings Must Die/Southpaw soundtrack

        • Bill Jansen


        • Nicholas IcoNick Loomis

          His verse on Medicine Man was trash. His verse on No Favors is even more trash.

        • AmazingLilBastard

          LMAO none of these songs were hits #BigFail

          • Blahblah ooo

            He’s the highest selling rapper ever.
            You think it’ a problem for him to make hits ?
            You’re a joke, he can make hits whenever.

        • Blahblah ooo

          He hasn’t dropped an album in 35 years. DUH.

      • BeenASavage

        lmao let the king relax aight? yall really know what it is.

    • Felas

      Wow, a verse about his father raping him and Em calling his mom whore is really a no brainer

      • Leekluv216

        In 97-98 was when THAT Em was in full effect. That was the Slim Shady LP, he was talented but all over the place with the dumb shit. Cold but corny!

        Marshal Mathers LP dropped about 2-4 years later and to date that is his best album. So my 10-15 year time frame is a couple years off but I knew what I was talking about. You wanted a 16 from that guy!

    • Blahblah ooo

      Just because he’s not in his peak, doesn’t mean he’s not good.
      He’s still better 90% of the rappers out.

      • Leekluv216

        Heavily debatable my g! Lol. The sound of rap move a lot, verses from Em sound dated. Not saying he’s not good but it’s not what the masses want to hear.

        • Blahblah ooo

          “It’s not what the masses want to hear”
          It was the second-biggest debut of 2013 and the second-largest sales week of the year, only behind Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience.
          Highest selling rap album of 2013
          The album sold 1,727,000 copies in the States which was the second best-selling album of the year.
          The shit is 4X Platinum.
          WTF are you talking about.
          Please speak with facts, and not just empty statements.

          • Leekluv216

            Fact: It’s 2017.

          • Blahblah ooo

            Fact: All his albums since 1999 have gone multi-platinum
            Fact:If he drops an album on 2017 it’s going multi-platinum
            Fact: Your “It’s not what the masses want to hear” statement was bull

          • Leekluv216

            Lol chill out Marshall, it’s not that serious.

            Has your life changed in the past 4 years? Mine has! Our country has! The world has! 4 years is an eternity in music jack. Shit change everyday! Going plat is no longer the badge of honor it was 4 years ago, 6 years, 10 years ago. Yatchy is a prime example, horrible rapper but still making M’s from other avenues. Cats like him wouldn’t exist 4-5 years ago. Does Em have core fan base that will support? For sure! Is he a cold lyricist? Absolutely, hands down one of the best! But in rap today my nicca it doesn’t matter, and that’s a fact! We can agree to disagree

          • Blahblah ooo

            That’s where your wrong my G.
            Eminem Kendrick Lamar are the few rappers that can super lyrical and still top the charts.
            That’s my point.

  • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

    Em still the rap god…BUT with that being said. I still don’t understand why Khaled has so much pull/clout in the biz. It must be something I don’t know, especially when niggas STILL can’t really tell you what this niggas input is on any given record?

    • Daniel Truscott

      DJ Khaled produces most of the records you hear him yelling over, he’s been making beats since he got in the game with the runners and then by himself under the name “Beat Novicaine” niggas don’t realize how much DJ Khaled produces

      • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

        I don’t think Khaled produces shit I saw an interview where he said once after everybody records their vocals, he’s the one who arranges them and puts jay first, wayne second. Throw chris brown crooning over the top of it. He does shit like that, which IS a skill but geez. But if he produces on top of that, I guess he earns his I happy you told me that because I was about to start thinking he was the illuminati gate keeper or some shit like that. No way he should have that much clout for just getting features. I’m like it GOTTA be more to it..haha

      • EM1995

        everyone knows khaled doesnt make beats… hes an executive producer so he’s in charge of arranging the records, picking beats choosing the right artists to get on the song ect…

    • SlimJuve25

      “I will never understand why Khaled has so much pull/clout in the biz” . . .khaled was a dj for terror squad him an big pun was close, he really don’t have much clout or pull his main 2 customers are ace hood an rick ross the rest he pays them top dollar for feats

  • NYCityKid

    If Khaled had Forever he woulda pushed it even further, that’s the type of Em record he need.

  • Bill Jansen

    Weres acehood been???

    • espro

      Asking the real questions

    • BeenASavage

      and jody breeze

    • BeenASavage

      but ace had two songs over the paat couple months and they were trash. i fuck wit him tho

  • Matt Leon

    I’d be all for it. DJ Khaled should probably get either Em or Royce Da 5’9. Or imagine a Tech N9ne feature. Tech might honestly never happen but I’d love if it did though.

  • d1gord

    Why niggas be hatin on Em like he ain’t top 5 all time? Y’all crazy if y’all saying it’s not the same like people don’t grow up. Still number by today standards