DJ Khaled Has Left Cash Money

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  • StopBiting

    Why is it a surprise these guys have familys too I think not getting paid in this day and age isn’t right Birdman gonna mess around and get his cause if someone falls at the bottom of the barrel they coming for him surprised it aint happen yet

    • Iam Codyv

      It did gun to his head told to pay up few years ago well like 10 now

  • hyhyh

    khaled has good artist under his label imprint i believe he will go indie or sign with another good label

  • Agent006

    I wish his annoying fat ass would leave the planet.

  • chrstphr

    I didn’t realize he knew words beyond his name and “we the best”…

  • XLR8

    I haven’t heard much from him these past few years, I’m surprised he was signed in the first place as if he was a “must get” before somebody snatch him up. Nobody is rushing to sign this fat slob onto their roster.

  • dj

    Everybody leaveing cash money