Did Diddy Punch Drake In The Face Last Night?

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  • Jason D. Bigelow

    Getting knocked out by Diddy of all fucking people, puts Drake on a new level of Bitch.

    • 大胆不敵なリーダー

      Not really, sounds like diddy punched out a drunk dude when he wasn’t expecting it, anybody can get sucker punched by anybody.

      • Renegade

        Lol. Cats want fair fights at the club now?!?! This ain’t a Golden Boy Promotion boxing match. You better stay on point out here. Smh.

        • 大胆不敵なリーダー

          Not talking about fairness, just reality, these niggas were obviously chilling together at the club. You get drunk with a dude you chillin with at the bar and your guard aint gonna be up. You aint gonna see that box coming,

          • keepit1hunnit

            really? u on drake balls that tuff?

          • Daquan

            It souND like drake fucking you at night

          • 大胆不敵なリーダー

            Sounds like you have the I.Q of a bedsheet and can’t tell the difference between analysis of a situation based on the facts, rather based on the people. If drake suckered diddy, i would be saying the same thing.

          • Daquan

            It sound like drake didn’t do shit after getting his shit rocked. Have to crack his shell just to prove he ain’t hard boiled

          • Frank Castello

            man rules the girl off limits drake violated and paid the price beech nicca #drake

          • Feel you, but on the real… if you just did or said something that may be the reason why this dude is putting his hand on your shoulder and saying “aye let me talk to you outside”; you might wanna prepare yourself for a one on one— especially when he yells “I will not be disrespected”. Never underestimate.

          • Sean Peterson

            he knew that shit was coming they said he was warned….nigguh kept acting up ,from what they say.

          • Frank White

            key words “they said:…aka none of yall niggas was there so how yall know what actually happened for sure…I’ve actually recorded fights just to see on twitter a different story than what my video says sooo cut out all the he say she say until we see a video..

          • OneOfAKind.

            It obvioisly says, he asked drake to stop once nd drake didnt listen. Id punch him too if he kept doing somthing i asked him to stop doing once already.

        • Christopher Johnson

          Yo this gotta be the funniest comment on here lmao

        • Sean Peterson

          thats right nigguhs in the club drinkin,lol im sure diddy had some ciroc in his system to,,anything goes when u in the club….

      • Damnation

        If you’re hitting on a girl who has a man, it’s hard to say it’s a sucker punch. You gotta expect that shit. Being drunk doesn’t help Drake’s case; means he can’t handle his poison.

        • 大胆不敵なリーダー

          It wasn’t about that though…

          • Keith Hodge

            Are you in love with Drake? I see you responding to nearly every damn post on here man. CHILLLLLLLL

          • 大胆不敵なリーダー

            Did you notice, that 95 percent of my responses were to people who were responding to me? People talk back and forth in a discussion, its kind of how the whole thing works.

          • Keith Hodge

            Actually they weren’t. There are some,but most of the post that I’m looking at now are you responding to post that had ZERO to do with you.

          • 大胆不敵なリーダー

            Then i suggest you take care of your cataracts

          • Keith Hodge

            No I suggest you get help from a hospital physician because you either have select memory or amnesia. Or you just can’t read in general

          • Frank White

            hopefully you the real Keith hodge…cuz if not then u must be in love with that nigga…and how the tables have turned….

          • Keith Hodge

            Says the nigga using “Frank White” name, a character played by Christopher Walken in the “King of New York” movie LMAO!!….Then later adopted by Biggie Smalls. Fuck outta here clown.

          • Frank White

            well guess what nigga I’ve never seen that old ass movie and I never even knew the characters from that movie soo sorry my kind sir you have failed in your analysis..I bid you good day

          • Keith Hodge

            LMAO!!! Cornball ass out of here man.

          • Frank White

            yea okay Keith Hodge dicksucker…

          • Keith Hodge

            Yeah okay, Biggie Smalls and Christopher Walken dick sucker LMAO

          • Frank White

            Can’t be dick suckin Christopher Walken because I never seen the movie, and I don’t know what Biggie has to do with this conversation..but it doesn’t change the Fact that you have another nigga with his shirt off as your Avi…wassup with that..? Is that your favorite pic of him..?

          • Keith Hodge

            Man ain’t nobody reading all that shit. Take yo white ass to bed. Clown on here writing full essays and shit lmao

          • Frank White

            HAAAAAAA this nigga can’t read…it was 3 and a half lines…u wrote 2 and half a few posts ago..So obviously you’re illiterate…Read a fuckin book sometime..dumb ass…

          • Keith Hodge

            Nobody reading these full paragraphs casper. LMAO!!

          • Frank White

            Shut yo dumb non reading ass up nigga…it wasn’t even that long…Next time I’ll throw some pictures in there to help out…with yo picture book readin ass..the fuck outta here scum..

          • Keith Hodge

            What’s funny is I wasn’t even talking to you and like a female you come in my convo, just like a bitch. Coming to another nigga rescue. Oh what female traits you have. Go watch BET wigger LMAO

          • Frank White

            HAAA wooow you are really fucking retarded..you do realize you did the same thing right..you jumped in a convo that wasn’t directed at you..backing up someone else’s point…ha you sir are a fucking idiot…please read a book…

        • Kay_phe

          So disapinted in Drake…look up to that dude

      • BlackPeterPan

        man if someone was hitting on my girl and i tell them to stop and they continue they should expect a punch sooner or later.

        • 大胆不敵なリーダー

          Apparently it wasn’t about cassie at all…..

          • dsbx3

            The article or Diddy’s reason for punching?

          • 大胆不敵なリーダー

            Diddys reason for punching, tmz got an article about it up now, people who was there said it didnt have nothing to do with cassie why he punched him.

      • keepit1hunnit

        go visit dat fuck boi wanna be gangsta at the spital…u and 42 more weak ass emo thugs. this is a great day. club goin up

        • 大胆不敵なリーダー

          I don’t really care about Drake or hiphop for that matter these days, just pointing out a fact that ignorant people don’t want to acknowledge. That anybody can get got by anybody if they don’t see it coming. You can interpret that as a defence of drake if you want but it really is just a general statement about anybody in life.

          • Tommy Wheelclocker

            I feel you man. Hard to talk to get these dumb niggas. I.Q. of a bedsheet lol

          • FraudWatch

            You can’t go on records, talking about, “dont make me catch a body like that”, or hanging niggas over balconies etc, but you get yo ass beat by DIDDY, Mr. Shiny suit and your crew only hold you up. Nobody do nothing. Also, no where does it say Drake was drunk, and/or Diddy sucker punched him. These are your assumptions. So stop passing off as fact. Getting stole on is not having ANY idea of it coming. This, sounds like Drake wasn’t on his P’s and Q’s…

          • Teddy Lo

            If you’re not defending Drake. Why did you feel the need to make your point 5+ times? Move on! Drake ain’t gonna see this shit and start calling you.

          • 大胆不敵なリーダー

            Which point? I was talking to multiple people. I have more grounds to respond to someone talking to me then you do confronting me about a comment i made 3 days ago. Speech and debate is something i like to do, although more often in far less ignorant circles.

      • Rich Garriques

        i guess drake didn’t realize he was a sucker , when diddy told him the first time not to hit on cassie.

      • Dondeizel Rancher Jae

        Sounds to me like a nigga need to be told to keed there guard up…. nigga diddy from a real time. No matter how soft u may think he is….shit I wolud knocked his ass out to. Real niggazs do real shit….. he the dumy for not exspecting that shit…. lets be real a nigga fuckin with yo lady u ask him to stop. He keep going…. and not expecting a nigga to knock yo ass out u dumb.sorry but it is what it is..

      • buff24seven

        You a old crab in the barrell ass hatin ass nigaa. How you have somethin negative to say to mf you dont even know. Thats problem wit young mf they think every body is supposed to be same be different mf.

    • Swaggur

      Diddy is a real ass goon fr he will get you touched

      • Jason D. Bigelow

        Only if Cassie’s in a shiny suit.

    • hostage


    • AC

      That one was good bro

  • Cedric PapiChulo Ellison

    Didddy seems the type to take a cheap shot. N drakes tryin to b slick hitting on every bodies girls on the low but it ain’t working lol

    • Leonel CuffyoChick Pierre

      This time at least lmao

  • Brian Hayes

    Are we acting like diddy aint a real nigga and drake ain’t from toronto?? Fuck drake..

    • 大胆不敵なリーダー

      You obviously don’t know anything about toronto and lol @ diddy and “real” being in the same sentence.

      • Brian Hayes

        Hmmm…Harlem hustler….jewish degrassi child actor…I’ll go with harlem…fuck outta here

        • 大胆不敵なリーダー

          diddy is a fraud ass nigga, period.

          • Brian Hayes

            So drake can beat diddy in a fist fight?…negative my dude…hows diddy a fraud? Thats libel…

          • 大胆不敵なリーダー

            The man has a long ass history of fucking artists over, shit, red cafe disappeared like hoffa after he signed with diddy. Im not saying, drake is some warrior or that he could beat diddy in a fist fight. What i am saying is Diddy is a shysty ass nigga and you don’t even have to do a lotta research to figure that out.

          • Patent

            Dickride much?

          • G CUE

            you aint lying…although tmz is reporting that it wasnt about cassie i still dont believe it. ANybody that says that drake shouldnt have been messing with another dude girl and that he got what he deserved need to take a step back and take a good look at that botch called karma. If memory serves me right cassie was fucking with ryan leslie before diddy came and scooped her up with a couple stacks. Like t-pain said “she dont even like girls but a stack will make her kiss her” and ill be damned if that wasnt the truth for cassie when big baller diddy came around. That nigga diddy gets no sympathy from me he is a shysty ass nigga period point blank

          • G CUE

            botch/bitch whatever you know what i meant lol

          • AJ Harris

            Ha, this guy, smh, Diddy way more real than Drake. At least diddy doesnt fuck other guys girls and then turn around to cry about it in a song…
            Thats a bitch ass move

          • Seph

            You serious? Diddy stole Cassie from Ryan Leslie my nigga… Diddy ain’t real at all lol. Ask Shyne about that. Diddy ain’t street at all either so you niggas can stop that. Drake probably felt himself tryna be “Mr Steal Yo Girl” ever since Rihanna/Karruche shit with Chris brown and got chin checked by another bitch nigga with more money than him.

          • Monty

            this is like your 500th comment trying to turn the situation around… Drake, is that you?

          • 大胆不敵なリーダー

            Its called a discussion, if you actually read my comments rather than count how many times you see my avatar on the screen you would have actually noticed, i haven’t once directly defended drake.

          • Bryan Dutra

            Do you know him cuz I have met him before and he aint no fraud.he will egt you touched.Asian symbol guy gtfoh and go play with your Dragonball Z toys.

          • therealz

            Diddy is a fucking air condition slave, doing work for his Zionist slave masters. That bitch sell brothers out daily. #housenigga

          • 大胆不敵なリーダー

            Anybody who is sitting on a lot of money can get you touched, that don’t make you tough lol.

          • Eric Powell

            Looks like its time for drake to take his pussy ass back to degrassi high were the Fuck boy belongs

          • Rich Garriques

            if diddy a fruad , drake a fake homo ass nigga that turned from degressi child actor to rapper. whats your point?. whose worse? , drake never lived in a hood , even in toronto , i know were p diddy from. who the fuck drake again?

          • 大胆不敵なリーダー

            Im not defending drake, your open to whatever opinion you have of him, my opinion of diddy being shysty goes directly to him sucker punching people that he think soft to make himself look good, last year the nigga got in a brawl with J.Cole of all people, whats next he gonna get into slapping match with common?

        • Vitoyungsavage

          Diddy ain’t no hustler his pops was Mobb Deep said a long time ago it where from its where you at neither one them niggas bout dat street shit Diddy was just protecting his girl!!

          • Brian Hayes

            So basically Diddy didn’t grow up in the hood…used what he had to get paid..and won’t rock a nigga while we’re being clear that drake is grown as fuck…but thats false anyway….his business deals wit mfs does not negate his history

        • Tommy Fait

          diddy born into money fuck outta here

      • T.N9N3 Editz

        Lol @ you being all up on Drakes nuts i bet you got his poster on your wall

        • MilfHunter

          You riding Diddy nuts tho, and the rest of these frauds too…Diddy got Biggie killed for sales, shut the Lox down and shelves every group he signs, get off his nuts bruh

          • T.N9N3 Editz

            Fool show me where i even typed his name??
            I aint said nothing bout him shut your bitch ass up

        • 大胆不敵なリーダー

          Would you like a tissue, you seem to be getting a bit emotional about this…

          • T.N9N3 Editz

            Nigga you the only one emotional about you bae drake gettings hands put on him

          • 大胆不敵なリーダー

            Show me one comment where i defended drake? I just brought facts to the discussion, you’re allowing your blood pressure to get out of control on this. Ive expressed negative opinions on diddy but i haven’t defended drake. The closest i came was defending a misunderstanding about toronto. I don’t care if drake is a thug or bitch unless it speaks to the situation at hand. You got gay rappers kissing their pedophile daddies, former prison guards and snitches in the game i don’t get emotional about this shit, i can’t even take it seriously. Hiphop died with keith elam as far as i am concerned. The only point i was trying to get across is that diddy is shady and your not a bitch if someone sucker punches you. If i caught you walking out the bar looking the other way and snuffed you, would you be a bitch?”

          • bob

            t.n9ne?? i smell BITCH nigga thru the computer screen

          • T.N9N3 Editz

            Stop putting your face so close to your screen the, your stinking breath is bouncing off the screen and coming back at you.

          • Tommy Fait

            u a diddy lover nigga fuck outta here, if you going against drake its automatic u on diddy side and thats that, or you just come on this shit just to hate, get a life faggot.

          • T.N9N3 Editz

            u a diddy lover? lol how old are you 5? and you sweet on drake? what has the world come to you act more like a bitch then a bitch

          • Tommy Fait

            Look who’s talking, fuck outta here you weak, can’t even come up wit a proper diss corny fuck lol.

      • Bryan Dutra

        Diddy is real when it comes to the business and being a boss in this game so check ya’self clown cakes cuz you sound like a disillusioned geek boy with no clue.

        • 大胆不敵なリーダー

          Diddy is the best example of a self made entrepreneur in hiphop because he built himself from the ground up without getting any special breaks. If you’re a looking for a role model as far as being a successful business man from the ground up you won’t find a better example, but he did not need to end peoples careers by holding them in contracts years after he was finished recording with them. There isn’t a single argument you can make that will ever make that make sense.

      • Michael Barcot

        drake grade a pussy

      • shon

        Diddy is a bitch

      • Rich Garriques

        i think , his bank account and legendary bk artist that shaped hip hop speak for itself.

    • Rich Garriques

      oh hell no , who the fuck is drake , diddy been that nigga and im sorry . drake lucky he will never be diddy , diddy let him know that the other night lmfao.

    • thick&sexy26

      That’s what I said. Drake is a pussy.

    • ₩₩₩ yoyo


  • Adam Hauger

    Shyne’s bout to get shot for this. lol

  • 大胆不敵なリーダー

    The biggest lesson drake needs to take away from this is that when niggas feel your soft, they will try all kinds of action they wouldn’t otherwise. When yung berg was getting slapped up and robbed daily even neyo came out talking bout how was gonna slap the shit out him FUCKING NE-YO lol. Diddy got a little confidence knocked out drake for a quick 10 points. Don’t come in the industry kissing people’s asses makes you look like a mark.

  • Lou

    But this doesn’t say they were at a club/bar “together” it says they were at the same party…so drake should’ve expected to get hit especially when diddy gave him a fair warning.. Like duh what did he expect a handshake?

  • Dbrisk

    If you talking shit about diddy you must have just learned about him he will get you touched

  • Mandi Griffin


  • haha

    Theyre both bitches.. Who cares

  • Fatman

    That’s like hitting girl…Diddy don’t hit girls.

  • thainferno

    How come when 2pac was alive punk daddy didn’t hit 2pac punk faggy knew better he’s just a bigger pussy then drake

  • moneyb

    For all yall that think diddy soft think about this how many ppl yu know got over on the whole industry and nobody did anything about it…

  • Philly S

    Diddy just butthurt that Drake is a better rapper, producer, and entrepreneur. Diddy… Sean Combs… Puff Daddy… different names for the same money-grubbing scumbag who stripped the world of 2Pac and Biggie. Definitely no surprises here.

    • Bnuch

      agreed, except there is absolutely no denying the fact that Diddy is a better entrepreneur. Let’s be honest

  • Trae King

    Drakes going to come out with a new song soon

  • Korei West

    If we coOl, you hitting on my girl, i ask you to stop, you don’t, you getting punched….Sucker lol

  • Ricky Huntley

    Is u for real Diddy from the old schoo baby drake should of known better it’s BAD BOY FoR LiFE

  • Ismael

    All these Comments Are Funny!

    DIDDY WOULD PAY SHINE AGAIN TO Pull The Strap. If needed drake is man but, he’s a Marvins Room type of guy you know! haha haha

  • Dookie

    I heard it was at a gay club.

  • Los2325

    Hot up in the 6 boy

  • BullzGang Winta

    listen man,for all you who believe that drake didnt deserve this,you deserved to be punched,and this aint the first time drake done pulled some shit like this before!!!! first it was chris,n now he tryin diddy,he aint got that much power in the world to be be tryin someone of that type of authority in this industry!! SALUTE to anyone and everyone who agrees aka #RealNiggas,to all who support drake #KillYoSelf

  • Rollo Pico Train

    If you hitting on another man’s girl its not a sucker punch… a Sucker got punched tho belee that. drake is a clown

  • Joseph Wright

    He going to make a song and cry about it

  • Spank Adams

    Drake is a grade A pussy. Running to hospital for a punch ? Really? See Drake pussy ass taking legal action.

  • @eastside3838

    hey you got to learn your place you been getting a ghetto pass for the longest

  • Thughes

    We talking bout the same diddy that got into it at a club. And someone got shot? Dake needs not drink if he cant control himself. Just keep the music coming.

  • Lean Bias

    Drake is such a pussy they should call it Gash Money Records

  • thatoneguy923

    Diddy actually used to be a fanfare though, drake is just a Canadian kid who happened to mix in with gangsta. He’s also an actor remember? Not hard to front ppl when you can act

    • thatoneguy923

      I meant gangster not fanfare. Damn auto correct

  • Anthony Lee Green

    Add me on XBox One mf’z-AlowstayLow3oh4

  • Qui

    Reading is fundamental. It clearly state drake was hitting on Cassie and diddy asked him to stop but he continued with the guy code violation lol

  • Shannon Leak

    That shit is fuckin a funny

  • Lazarus Noir

    Thats what happens when u dont show respect.. when a man tells you to back off you back off.. if diddy didnt stick up for him self his girl woulda thought he was a bitch..

  • Pope Chuck Paul

    If drake knocked out diddy we’d be saying man it was only diddy lol. musically they both come off as sissys lol

  • Niq

    Diddy not a sissy but Drake on da other hand..hmm!! Respect is Respect and when u step into da next manz boundaries u get wutchu deserve point blank period..

  • IG PolaroidPapi

    Diddy Was Like “Its Me And You Now, Ive Been Waiting”

  • IG PolaroidPapi

    Diddy Vs Drake Charity Boxing!!! To Settle All

  • filthy frank

    niggas forgot Diddy Beat a nigga with a Champagne Bottle…

  • Brilly

    This just in, it turns out Drake wasn’t hitting on Diddy’s girl, he was hitting on DIDDY! Multiple sources confirm that Drake was begging Diddy to blast him in the ass. He even dropped his pants and did the Ace Ventura “talking with his butt” routine saying bang me, bang me, bang me, Diddy” Wow! What part of the game is that? Looks like he’s gonna be known as Wheelchair Jimmy again. smh

  • Folok G Barksdale

    Soooooome, onnnnnnne, Pleeeeeeeeeese HELP ME Cuzzzzzzzz Puffy Is Beeeeeeeeating Me, In My Drake Singing Voice

  • Reemo1da

    I see bitch niggas is taking over. I don’t care what the situation is. If u gotta sneak a nigga instead of having a fair fight u a bitch nigga. I don’t know if that is what happened in this case but sneaking is for bitches period. I do believe u should always stay on point tho cause as we see from some of these post. Bitchassness is at a all time high. Sad

  • jloddi

    I don’t care how drunk you are that’s disrespectful I would’ve knocked him too

  • FuckDezNiccas

    Lmao, why is anybody defending Diddy or Drake? Do y’all chill with these niggas? Do they take y’all on vacation or something? Drake gay, Diddy gay = a gay ass fight… pause, not even a fight, a punch. Who gives a fuck, let’s just get back to that hoe Cassie.. definitely smashable.

  • Angela Alcala

    Bahahahaha!!! Drake shouldn’t have crossed the line…he should have stayed in. Line

  • madiganjj13

    Why does everyone on here talk like ignorant trash?

  • callitlikeitistits

    This is tits, but neither of these assies are tits. Wrap your head around THAT shit, world.

  • jbillybitch

    damn drake smh i thought u was about a lil bit damn you got knocked out by diddy

  • BlackPine4DatWyteV

    Cat fight watch out

  • YUNGshoota187

    lol that nigga drake is a bitch

  • BmoreTrue

    Lmao damn drake

  • Mickey Fincher Kelz

    Diddy takes the W idc i been wanting someone to smack Drake forever. Diddy did it. Diddy takes the win

  • J Dot

    This nigga drake got knocked ctfu he deserves it lol if only it was the GAME who did it that nigga drake would of been murdered

  • Boogaloo

    Drake’s a Pussy
    Diddy’s an old shit

  • dianaprice

    Diddy is another new-rich I-wanna-be-important Arrogant African American (AAA) who surely feels Obama’s “tom-tom drums in the blood.” This African-American needs to return to 2nd, 3rd then 4th grades to learn manners, ethics, morals and standard behavior between civilized American human beings. Why do rich AAA’s take their behavior mores from the Kenya-raised POTUS?
    It is tiresome for We The People that POTUS has these types of angry chip-on-the-shoulder, vulgar singing people as guests in Our White House.