Diddy Gets Enormous Back Tattoo

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  • Imwhite

    It look dumb as hell and why doesnt that baby have an ear? That white ink does look legit I’ll give him that but it looks like two different people made the tat, a ton of dimension on th face and hood and the rest is completely flat.

  • Johnathan Dough

    Both the lady’s eyes and the baby eyes are cocked. I would hate to be the tattoo artist who made that.

  • raj

    this is fucking awful LMFAO

  • King David

    Hurtado is actually an extremely talented tattoo artist I’m surprised at this mediocre work

  • Astronaut

    Shiit i like it. Better than mine. I had told my 4 and 3 year old kids that the 4in picture we have of a white jesus isnt really Jesus, and that no one has actually seen his face. Too soon? I figured itd make them think and ask me questions

    • realshitn166a

      too soon ???? never 2 soon my kids gonevkniw wassuo from the jump out the womb lol im not sparing them but i will still give dem a twist of dat.

      • Astronaut

        I dont believe that let kids be kids shiit when it comes to information. Them again aint tryn brainwash em to fit my agenda if that makes sense.

  • Ye’

    She don’t look that bad but the baby looks like it has Down syndrome was that the look he was going for?

  • Leekluv216

    That shit look bad ass! Portraits are always tricky because if it doesn’t look “identical” then the jokes will come. But shit is art nonetheless and I think dude did a great job. Some parts looks 4K and shit lmao

  • Nikko Hurtado is one of THE BEST in the game, what this looks like is a rework of an old tattoo though…
    Check his IG then if u still talkin shit maybe get your eyes checked

  • Mec-One

    Yo that joint is serious!

  • Craig

    That’s a lil too much