Did Kylie Jenner Get New Fun Bags? [PHOTOS]

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  • Johnny Doe

    Good to know

  • Senor Binns

    She’s gonna be 25 looking 40 but in the meantime good for tyga

    • melanie.parton

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  • sosarozay300

    yeah its just hormones just like her lips, those were hormones too, fuck these sluts why do they keep getting so much media attention

    • Ghostface-

      the media is trying to fuck with our women’s confidence. whether they trying to do it, or its by accident, these people are fucking our culture up

  • MisterRobott

    So, how exactly is this Hip Hop News?

    The fuck?

  • Music Magicbox

    Sad…all of this generation is sad.

  • WhoIsMeekMill?&kidcudi

    what does she look like without 3 pounds of makeup on though?