Desiigner Responds To Being Called A One Hit Wonder [VIDEO]

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  • Ghostface-

    nigga released another track? i aint even knooo

  • Ghostface-

    lmfao just listened to the freestyle, it was decent in spots but in others the nigga lost pronunciation xD

  • LoveBoat2smooth


  • Samisback

    how can he be a one hit wonder with 2 hits? I’m confused

    • ike donovan

      thats so subjective.. timmy turner nigga.. only NY niggas was on that and they are desperate right now

      • Samisback

        It isn’t subjective..Timmy Turner is a platinum selling single, what does that make it? A hit, the song peaked number 34 on the billboard hot 100, while it wasn’t as big as Panda it was still a pretty big song and got a ton of play in clubs.

    • Matt Leon

      Isn’t outlet also becoming a hit though? I still ain’t a designer fan and i still think dude sucks but gotta give him credit when it’s due. He’s surpassed the one hit wonder rumors. i don’t see him staying long but he at least has a little bit of clout now.

      • Samisback

        Same here bruh..not a fan of his music neither but people gotta let the hate go and give dude his credit.

        • Matt Leon

          Exactly. Same with Migos. Hate their music but you know that they deserve the credit they are getting, regardless.

  • dhusu

    fuckin wack, dude ran out of juice

  • Poopmaster

    Im honestly not a fan at all