Desiigner Explains Who Timmy Turner Is [VIDEO]

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  • thedudesrug

    Its a cartoon

  • kushxchevys

    Fools stupid

  • Olando Jenkins

    That’s why I still listen to music from the early 2000s

    • Andrew Shepherd

      Like who bruh bruh

  • HotlineQueef

    lol he acts like what he said on that song was audible and like we knew what lyrics he was saying. man fuck this pokemon lookin nigger

    • ballin.ben

      he’s just one of the many Young Thugs out there… they’re everywhere The Revelation 17:13

  • bigwangslanger

    What a stupid ignorany ape

  • Astronaut

    Timmy Turner shouldve wished to make that timmy turner track better

  • I’ll hold the L for thinking this song had a deeper meaning -_-

    • Lord_Farquad

      Naw, you’re probably not wrong…it’s probably a general statement about “white” kids & mass shootings. He (probably) just said that to sound politically correct ‘cuz he ain’t tryin’ to alienate his fans, or pigeonhole himself. :

    • Craig

      I will help you hold that L smh….. pause

  • Chill Life

    I think he shouldve just went with the fairy godparents explanation

  • Dom Corleone

    Timmy shoulda turned that burner on his self.

    • Craig


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  • Ye’

    I’m not a desiinger fan at all but I would be lying to everyone including myself if I said I haven’t had that fucking song stuck in my head all day

  • Rich Martins

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  • Unfuck the World


  • and niggas was making up stories and theories wen he was talkin bout himself the whole time lmfao fucking retards

  • Anthony Mitchell

    glad he explained it so those fake “woke” fucktards can stop saying its about white kids shooting up schools and other random dumb shit

    • ballin.ben

      that nigga is a puppet controlled by the same devil who is shooting up schools… so it pretty much is about that whether you want to believe it or not… he’s the same person as Dylan Roof, Young Thug, and countless other puppets… The Revelation 17:13.

  • Craig

    all the hype behind this track makes it suck because truly it was just alright. The beat was dope but the mixdown was so wack over all. They tried too hard and failed.

  • Egotistical Quan

    lol where that dickhead at who thought he was being deep and talking about the conflicts going on around the world. Damn I need to find that comment nigga was justifying his melody like Desiigner was a prophet or some shit foh lol


    whats with the seal noises?

  • Ctrain

    This fool here is the reason everybody should get a check and a chance smh…it’s niggas literally in wheelchairs that say only two words that got better bars than this nigga …. were Kanye? this nigga need studio vet in there with him or he Gon be on vh1’s one hit wonders of the 2010’s

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