Desiigner Drops New Track ‘Outlet’

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  • JJonah

    Not a fan but this is the best i’ve heard from him yet.

  • MisterRobott

    wouldn’t surprise me if it did go platinum. For some reason people like listening to retarded niggas making sound FX for 3 minutes straight.

  • ClipsOnKD

    Tulsa OK whaddup

    • BrodieThaGod

      Bet, Cains is dope

  • MisterRobott

    I clicked on it to hear if the track was any good. Beat’s fire but his flow and lyrics are shit. To each his own. If you like retarded sounding music that has no substance other than random noises that’s on you.

  • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

    Timmy Turner went plat? No way?

  • Prredator

    i remixed this dumb shit. im part of the problem.

  • Tunechi!

    Cant believe i like this sh!t

  • youareincorrectbitchnigga

    to hate thats the only reason

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    I actually like it