Desiigner Doesn’t Call His Music Rap

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  • James

    He calls it cRAP

  • ballin.ben

    It’s fucking garbage.. I’m tired of these Thug clones lol… they need to all go where they belong. Hell.

  • ballin.ben

    I still like the beats.. but I’m just about done with rap yo… They got
    some straight up monkeys dancing around lol.. these zombies are
    ridiculous… I mean we went from Tupac to Young Thug in like 20
    years… 2 years later we get Blac Youngsta and about 10 other
    ultra-coons in the rap game… I’d give it about 2 more years until
    Satan figures out how to put Young Thug’s spirit into a rapping monkey
    and it gets signed to Rich Gang – or is Amari that monkey? PS I’m not
    racist I’m just done with these devils, I got proof that they exist on
    my instagram.. lol “/ballin.ben”

    • Lamar XnoXes

      good for us then. this isnt rap. then we can have our own stage and quit playin around with these foools

  • ballin.ben

    Fun fact, did you know that the demon that possesses Young Thug and the
    majority of mainstream rappers today is the same demon that possessed
    Judas and delivered Jesus into the hands of Caesar (Satan)? He’s the reason
    why all of these new rappers are dressing and acting like fags with ankh
    necklaces and holes in their jeans. Did you know that he was also King
    Solomon from the Bible, I Kings 10:14, and is also the beast of The
    Revelation 13:18, 17:13? He used to be from the tribe of Judah, meaning
    that he actually used to be African American. He’s the reason why his
    own people are living in Hell today – not even the white man’s fault as
    he tries to portray through history. He’s the biggest Hypocrite, and
    he’s most of these little white boys who are shooting up schools and

  • ballin.ben

    Don’t believe in the smoke and mirrors… racism is an illusion… There
    are a bunch of devils and they spawn minions by killing children…
    everything, then possessing the bodies. This is how you get children
    like Amari (Young Thugs daughter) who has platinum teeth and an
    instagram at age 5… She is literally a reanimated corpse of a girl
    that Young Thug killed.. All these devils have the same mind, The
    Revelation 17:13, and I got screenshot proof that they exist in the
    flesh on earth on my instagram “/ballin.ben”. Proof for Kevin Gates, and
    yea… even proof for Amari. It’s crazy lol. Stay safe in Babylon

    • Craig

      It’s pointless ok….. either you are totally right and no one will believe you until it’s too late…or you should be locked up for being a compete psycho.

  • it’s easier to avoid actual scrutiny from ppl who love rap, if you say it’s not rap. I’m not buying this new excuse the 2016 freshmen class is using. it would be easier to just say you aren’t a super lyrical rapper and ppl would respect it.

    • Anthony Mitchell

      thats exactly what i thought. just a cop out excuse so they wont be compared to rappers.

    • ChiCity300

      Their make up artist. I blame the hip hop outlets for talking about these clowns

      • yea man, they tryna come up with anything besides sayin they not just super lyrical. you can still be a good rapper without being a lyrical technician.

        but shit man we can’t really put the whole blame on the media outlets. they only report about the ppl who got alotta momentum behind em on datpiff, livemixtapes, and soundcloud. they just givin the ppl what they listen to and talk about the most.

        • weeday420

          right i swear the producers and engineers put in more work than them

          • bruh you ain’t lyin man. like peep, remember how djs used to go out of their way to get an acapella of verses to make blends like crazy. I can’t remember the last time ppl was really out here lookin for acapellas or even the last time I got dope ass blends mixtape.

          • Astronaut

            I blame auto tune. Literally anybody can be an artist with that shiit

          • you right chief…like when it’s done right, I think autotune is dope. but when it’s done bad, it sounds way worse when it’s done bad, than it’s sounds dope when it’s done good. but yea that’s prob the main reason why no one makes blends anymore, didn’t really think about that

          • Astronaut

            Foreal. Next time u here a song pay attention how long they hold the note basically just tunes/moans on a beat

    • weeday420

      thank god you said it because i was… like they are saying their not rappers they are rock stars and shit like nigga, what your doing and getting paid for is rap but really shit or i guess you can say not lyrically

    • BrodieThaGod

      Exactly. Everyone clowned waka til he just said “I can’t rap, but I know how to make a hit”

      • Craig

        Because that was the realest shit anyone had said in a while in hip hop

    • Poopmaster

      I was jus telling some cat something about that these fools know there shit on real hip hop legends levels and they are tired of hearing people say they are thrash ( a lot of which are) so they use this almost as a defense mechanism …kinda like the way lil uzi very acted on that freestyle on Ebro…jus cuz I understand doesn’t mean I don’t still think it’s thrash lol

      • hell yea, niggas tryna get outta how critical we are as rap listeners by sayin they ain’t rappers. to me I believe it just make the ppl who already don’t like them, not like them even more.

        like peep, I bet if somehow one of these cats got nominated for a grammy for best rap album, they know damn well they wouldn’t say — I don’t make rap.

  • Prredator

    This is happening in every country. Bars are dying, the lyricist is getting no shine. its the new age kids that are giving these fools a following. No major labels are reaching out to real mc’s anymore. Why can’t we get an equal or “fair” amount of King Los, Mark Battles, Lucas Joyner, Jarren Benton, Hopsin type rappers blasted on radio an TV too. You can’t even say anything about these new “melodic”, autotuned, dirty coloured dreads havin, back alleyway tatted clowns no more or we’re boxed out as living in the past. The true culture gon only ever respect bars, fuck the bloggers, radio host and labels who’re running the beauty of this craft into the ground.

    • nicoswebaby

      it’s easy, make your own radio station

  • HotlineQueef

    whos down to 69 in the quad with fetty waps good eye later and OG Maco’s bad eye?

  • P28


  • P28

    Everybody cannot rap like they have a college degree, music is music if you don’t like it then don’t listen to it simple as that. Don’t hate on another man cuz he different. I mean like 4real whether it’s a intelligent verse or an abc verse they all talk about the same criminal activities, how bout we speak up on the genocide content of the music that’s flushed into our youth’s ears? Don’t nobody wanna talk about that though smh

    • Roscoe

      At least for me. these “lyrics” that pretty much glorify these criminal activities and violence is the reason why I call it trash and hate it, given the fact that on the mainstream side of rap, rappers are coming out in droves glorifying it.

      But nah, people just enjoy being brainwashed by 808s.

      • P28

        What about 90’s rappers though? They was rapping bout the same type shh

  • black adam

    that’s funny. nobody else calls that shit rap either.

  • Dom Corleone

    Finally one who knows they aren’t rappers or even hip hop. Just gained some respek from me.

  • Marcos Caetano

    we know its not rap, its c-rap.

  • Mike

    Trash no matter how you put it

  • Anthony Pearson

    I Call It CORNY Shit…Word!

  • ITS ME

    in other news, birds in the trap is finished

  • J.O.E

    then u got lil uzis saying their rock stars. yeah, lets see if they embrace you in the rock world, idiots.

  • BC

    i wouldn’t even call it music

  • Poopmaster

    Haha I never really considered it music or art at all jus compilations of the sounds he uses on his social media then throws the trash over decent beats

  • DaHoppa

    Dude is wack he just saying that so when they put his wackass on the spot for a freestyle he will say Im a artist we dont do those foh!!

  • Abd al Alim

    neither do I

  • Freddie94

    All I wanna know is how in the hell did someone decipher Desiigner’s speech? Do y’all not realize that quote of his was long as fuck. I heard plenty of interviews of him speaking and couldn’t understand shit. Man kudos for the nigga with bionic hearing lmao

  • Craig

    Its more like scat. Thats what he should call it. A new wave of scat….. then maybe I could rock with him.

  • Je’sus

    It’s call crap

  • TimDerr

    maybe its cause they suck ass at rapping.

  • young

    the worst

  • Nigga, that shit rap. Case closed

  • ilikemusic.

    I blame Atlanta for all this mess. Thanks guyz

  • LoveBoat2smooth

    I’m not a rapper I’m just a guy trying to rhyme

  • crownroyal421

    I don’t call it rap music either just recorded outburst from a minor in the mentally challenged classroom over a beat

  • Double-Axe Digital Recordings

    Then Hip-Hop sites and Hip-Hop award shows should ignore him.

  • Joseph Sheppard

    He looks like he got hit in the face with a bag of crack

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