Def Jam Is The Most ‘Successful’ Rap Label Ever (But A Newer One Is More Impressive)

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  • Slim Comar

    its really sad that young money is dead now… ATL rappers are keeping the game alive now, i really like trap muzik, but i rather like young money…

    • Crazy thing is when Young Money was popping most people on internet was like “I hate them this is crap” then when they slow down and seperate they’re missed. Happens whenever people peak, same with Mayweather, Kobe Bryant, Kanye West. When they peak they get hate, when they slow down theyre missed? Weird how it works

      • CancelDatBtch

        You are right. I guess that’s why they say you aren’t doing anything if people aren’t hating on you. This is one backwards society. Smh

  • Interesting

  • youngfunds

    Why is going money an cash money separate when baby control the both of them

    • Young Flacko

      It’s because Young Money is Wayne’s label. Cash Money is all baby. The only thing baby has control over is the distribution of the records when the albums are finished. Young Money leaves when Wayne finally leaves Cash Money

      • LatarionMilton

        Thats what you think, Baby owns all that pleighboi #birdmanhandrub

        • CLOVER•

          (rubbing hands like birdman)

      • BL4QKB0X

        Cash Money is what’s called a “Parent Company” so Birdman does own Young Money as well. It’s like how subsidiaries are still owned by the main company even though they operate with no dependence o the parent company.

  • George

    Joe Budden is the savior of hip-hop.

    • ilikemusic.

      hahahahahahahaha. Yea and Tyler is actually the Creator

    • niggr


  • Mac Marc

    No Interscope? Just another article riding Young Money’s dick. When will it stop?


      thats what they get for putting french montana on their label

    • Mark CrynOut Colomb

      Shady is interscope jackass

      • disqus_FvGqRTgqIG

        Its a division of interscope not the whole company same with roc a fella and def jam and cash money and young money on columbia jack ass

    • ChampagnePapiDevine!

      I know I like Interscope. ❤

  • highgeorgebush

    I heard Lil twist and lil chuckee got that fire comin #youngmoneyniggaz

    • Previn Moore

      Lil chuckee quit lhfh

  • Myleage

    Grand Hustle

  • rt

    “and the white man get paid off of all of that” cause Universal owns like 70% of those labels.

  • Conner Hunter-Moore

    Def jam has awhile lot more artists then the majority of those labels shady and cash money only have 9 and they are among the youngest label so in the long run who really is the best label..

    • Previn Moore

      Grand hustle younger than shady….

  • robertoV05

    If these labels made so much why are the artists so broke?

  • kinglobey

    grand hustle pimp

  • KevinPrinceCHELSEA BLUE

    Grand Hustle’s numbers surprised me the most.

    • Myleage

      me too. I thought only T.I. was carrying the whole camp

  • Leland Owens

    Strange Music?

  • real man

    hey guys!! Ready for delivery!!!1
    Cough syrup(lean)…

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  • Wesley Ferguson

    The funny thing is these numbers aren’t coming from wayne. They are coming from drake.