David Spade Goes Savage On ‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl Danielle Bregoli

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  • imaginationsequation

    Bergi wins

    • Mikejones

      lmao what he definitely won that one

      • imaginationsequation

        Spade coulda came better than that, he use to roast people on snl

    • ChiTownT


  • Spookeysmoker


  • Astronaut

    I definitely think Kodak hit that

  • TKingLives

    In 4 Years ill smash.

    • Worldwide Intentionz

      In 4 yrs you probably won’t even remember her without someone bringing her up to refresh ya memory…

      • TKingLives


      • TKingLives

        Damn your right.. okay 1 year.

    • Mec-One

      You must like hanging out in trailer parks or behind dumpsters

      • TKingLives

        hahaha, so? stop profiling

  • preppy pimp

    David Spade’s sister closed a deal with COACH for $2.4 Billion. This 14 y/o is ignorant

    • Supreme Trunks

      Bruh Kate Spade is his sister!? Dayummmm that family rollin in money

      • Ahh Real Fudgin Monsters

        Brother in law……she’s married to Andy Spade (David’s older brother)

        • Supreme Trunks

          Ohhhh iight bet.

  • HotlineQueef

    ill be honest. my ass hole is stretched out a bit but thats because i have really big poop and not because i take dicks or anything gay. also she has nice tits

  • kushxchevys


  • Land of the Dread Heads

    Who gives a fuck

  • Matt Leon

    Spade got Naya now???? Alright then! He surprisingly still has some skill in picking up girls then.