Dave East Comments On Cam’ron And Jim Jones Beefing On His Page

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  • ChiCity1988

    Honestly tho it seem like Cam got a little butt hurt after that comment Jimmy made lol and I fucks with Cam heavy

    • SlimJuve25

      why would he? jim said tell him to make you dip set, i took that as make dave take the torch an hold on to it an cam kind of defended dave by going at jim, lol’s didn’t help am i missing something lingo im not familiar with ny niggas be on some other shit some times

  • James Davia

    Straight up I would’ve told them niggas to stop beefin and make this paper. They have no idea how much bread they would make in the 25 and up communtiy. And then make Dave east dipset best move you can make.

    • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

      word to the 25 and up community comment….I graduated HS in 2004, and I definitely had my bandana cocked to the side like a crown in the 11th grade…lol DIPSET DIPSET………….These youngins just don’t know…lol

      • James Davia

        He’ll yea and I still got one more year to be in the 25 and up community lol, but I rue the day that I let the Lil uzi verts and yatchys take over the game. from the wise words of killa cam….DIPSET BITCH!

      • BROOKLYN_ Boi _1Da

        Word. Had the music game for realheads on smash. Not just locally neither