Dana White Posts Video Of Paulie Malignaggi Hitting Canvas Vs. Conor McGregor

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  • Ghostface-

    God damn McGregor hits hard in that first video. Jesus

  • NYCityKid

    Floyd bout to tear that ass up. I’m not even a boxing enthusiast but this nigga look sloppy to me and Floyd don’t sit there and take hits.

    • ant

      I couldn’t agree more, I can’t wait to see Floyd go after someone. He is gonna be chasing McGregor around the ring

      • NYCityKid

        I think Floyd is going to dodge and hit Mc, Gregor with 100 jabs in the process. Either Mcgregor goin get mad and do some UFC shit. Or he goin get mad and slip up and pay for it.

    • Astronaut

      I was gonna commrnt the same shiit. The real fight is Canelo vs GGG

  • BrodieThaGod

    Idk much bout boxing, but besides hitting hard Conor doesn’t look that great. Still, made this dude look dumb for talking all that shit on Twitter saying to release the videos.

    • Melo

      Not really. Dude fell because of himself, not Connor. He didn’t even fall when Connor got that good hook in the first video. Connor is the one who looks dumb.

      • BrodieThaGod

        He’s been sayin Conor shoved him down for over a week now. I think we can all agree there was no shove and this guy’s just delusional.

        • SlimJuve25

          wasn’t a shove but connor left hand was clearly holding dude head down while he kept taking shots with the right, don’t look like it was on purposes an dude fell to get out of situation

          • Melo

            Exactly. He fell from his own mistake.

    • MasonLestat

      Connor is gonna wipe the foor with Mayweather, same as this fucking hater.

  • Melo

    That fall wasn’t from Connor’s punching. He tripped, do to his own mistake. Dana would’ve been better off not releasing the video. Connor gets no points.

    • ant

      But if that was a real boxing match connor would have actually gotten points for the knockdown, doesn’t matter if he tripped himself he was saying connor pushed him to the ground but all I see is his left hand chillin on his head and if you watch boxing that shit happens all the time

      • SlimJuve25

        i don’t think so with connor holding that guys head down an still hitting him, that is part of breaking the rules connor was taking about, connor would get a warning if not lose a point

    • T guest

      His sparring partner was shitty and wasn’t throwing nothing plus the Connor was throwing those punches was horrible

      • SlimJuve25

        he’s not shitty, dude said before these videos came out, connor would whine or cry everytime he hit him with body shots, so after a while his job went from a sparring partner to a human punching bag

  • Jared Morales

    DAMN! Dude just got caught with a right hook and a lie! Shit just got real hahah.. McGregor actually looks like he might have a chance to fuck up that pretty boy

    • black adam

      lol come on dont kid yourself. this shit is going to be a sparring session for floyd.

    • T guest

      They both was horrible

  • black adam

    conor can think whatever he wants.. but if he doesnt start moving his chin floyd is going to counter every one of his wild flailing arm punches. floyd might not be an elite offensive fighter but his defense is arguably best in boxing history cmon now.

  • roland333

    Fuck no if anything this shows even more proof this won’t even be a fight. I’m not even a Mayweather fan but no way none of those slow ass punches would even touch him. Pacquiou was way faster than that and didn’t stand a chance. This won’t be a match and even it is they planned it to be that way

  • Marc Gez

    this reminds me of the great white hype. make em look good til he gets in the ring. however other than the power behind that clean punch It didn’t look good. they’re really trying to sell this

  • Jo LitT

    did he just pitty pat punched him lmaoooooo

  • Twiz

    Paul malignaggi aint even in the same realm as floyd. This proves nothing

  • DonCDaCapo

    Connor too use to his mma style cuz boxing wise it looks like he has no technique but to just keep swinging til he knock somebody out

  • Craig

    shit is a circus bruh.