Damon Dash Says He Misses JAY-Z, But …

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  • smith jones

    Had a boy I knew from 12 to 23. bEtween the heroin and his baby momma shit changed.. i miss the friendship too but going back? Nah

  • Melo

    Dame and Jay are bipolar.

  • Jesse Mccree

    Fuck that hold on to old friendships as long as you can man. Once your like 25 you ain’t gonna make many more tight friends like that that you can really call for anything. You don’t have to chill every day but once you disconnect from your day 1s its a lonely life man

    • Astronaut

      Thats what the wife is for on some real shiit

    • kushxchevys

      U just gotta grow up sometime my nigga aint nobody gona hold u dwn thru shit like ur old lady. Once ur 25 should kno by then lifes not about homies or “day 1s” ur kids shouls be ur day 1s by thar age cus u raised em sinxe day 1imo tho

      • Jesse Mccree

        You can have friends and a family too. Niggas drop all their friends to be a family man then hate their lives at 35 and realize they never needed to drop everybody else

        • kushxchevys

          Not sayin u gotta drop em u just realized homies is only homies kids and fams is what matters at that age if im 35 wishing back on friendships my nigga that means my life is just technically fucked up.

  • Kingquazy

    I came back from the dead to ask one question and one question only…

    Who is still talking about 4:44???

    My man is the GOAT and all but that album was not the Bee’s knees. I’m still waiting for an album to touch MCHG, though.

    • FaboLoso

      4:44 was an album strictly for rap fans, if you like conscious rap, lyricism, story telling, self deprecating lyrics then 4:44 was the album to listen to, nobody’s talking about it anymore right now with so many other great/good projects dropping but give it a couple years or so..it’s gonna be held as one of his best albums, for the record I’m still listening to it “family feud” is one of my favorite songs, jay’s lyrics along with the beat and beyonce’s vocals..made for a great track.

      • Daniel King

        I brought the album and downloaded a few on to my phone still listening to it now was a decent album though and family feud smile 2 of my favorite tracks definitely a classic jigga album

    • Aaron Maxwell

      i am, it was fire.

  • FaboLoso

    it would be cool to see him..jay and biggs together again for old times sake, even though dame’s been talking reckless about jay in interviews for all these years..it’s nothing a simple phone call wouldn’t fix.