Damian Lillard Says Kendrick Lamar Is The New Tupac

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  • Je’sus

    Old niggas be drunk in nostalgia.

    • The Incredible

      What counts as old though? I get called old head by 20 year olds….when i’m 26 myself lol.

      • old is anything above 25 let them tell it lol…niggas life expectancy be 40 like a mf lol

        • The Incredible

          nigga said life expectancy of 40 lol. I’m too high for this.

        • Melo

          40 is being extra considerate. As unfortunately as it is.

          • yea for certain type of cats in a certain type of lifestyle that’s true. I was just talkin bout your average run of the mill, square young cats. they really think once you get to 25 you gettin old lol

        • AmazingLilBastard


  • imaginationsequation

    pac fraud fan base is gonna pick up after this movie, then phuckers gonna be online talking how they been pac fans. I seen all this after the Compton movie, where everyone became NWA experts outta nowhere. This kid at work went n bought a Compton hat after seeing the movie. All fraud

  • You mad huh?

    whats with the all the pac this pac that stuff lately?

    • Jbise

      That movie boutta come out

      • Whitedude

        Exactly. Nothing is random.

    • 100squad

      Dudes out here speaking up on PAC like he was they daddy… Let the late Great Rap Veteran live. (Nas voice)

  • shottablack

    I agree 2017 Pac without all the distraction thug shit

    • T guest

      Right He’s the only one that made sense other then all these other mfs that be saying these other wack rappers is

  • AmazingLilBastard

    Nobody was is the new 2Pac, there wil never be another Makaveli the Don suckas!