Dame Dash Takes Credit For JAY-Z’s ‘4:44’ Success

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  • Rich blackman

    Too bad he couldnt put his ego to the side and play the back and do business behind closed doors.

  • SkidRow

    There is some serious subtle player-hatin going on here lol

  • kushxchevys

    This nigga the biggest sneak dissin hater

  • ChiCity300

    dame is on point blow a jab at all you 40 year old rappers talking about lean and killing your own kind good shit

  • thorn416

    I know Hov is a mature, responsible adult, but hearing this shit must make him wanna put hands on Dame lmao I know I would.

    How you gonna call Jay your student?!?

    • G.O.A.T

      And on top of that, the dude hasn’t even heard the album!!!

    • Killa Cam Newton

      I mean Dame was the boss for a reason right Jay-z talent has him in the position he is in now not his buisness skills.

    • Mike Donovan

      yall suck jays dick so hard because of what he has. Dame was the mind jay was the square who rapped good. he is 100% on point Jay just cut him out and got some white folks around him.,. Typical NY nigga hater shit.

      • Mec-One

        Jay was the only reason the industry tolerated dame. What has dame done since the roc break up? Talk trash on youtube videos and try to take credit for everything ……..

        • Mike Donovan

          thats irrelevant. he’s done quite a bit. again yall really suck a man off mentally when you perceive they have money. to deny what that man did is fucked up but yall dickride jay hard

          • Mec-One

            Nobody is denying what he did …….. fact is, he didn’t do it single handedly. Even a mediocre salesman looks good when he has a great product …….

      • Daniel King

        Dame did Jay dirty man tried to make Cam vice president while Jay was on holiday dame made a lot of changes I don’t blame Jay for cutting his ass off And dame I can’t stand him was only like a few weeks back he was slatting Jay man is a joke fuck Dame dash

        • Mike Donovan

          you sound like a ho. this is the shit females would say. i dont care that he cut him off. my poin is that Jay was not the brains and still is not. Jay is a hater when it comes to Cam. Dame was the business mind and still is hands above him. yall look at what jay has and just drop to your knees and make all these points to discredit Dame that are a la bitch

      • thorn416

        Oh, so the “Mind” got played and cut out his own business by the “square”.

        Okay Mike.

  • Montana Savage