Dame Dash Says Notorious B.I.G. Was Plotting To Jump To Roc-A-Fella

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  • greg kruxx

    dame probably truly believes this i. his mind whether true or not. fact of the matter I dnt agree wit everything dame says. but for the most part dude knows his shit. hes a trailblazer period

  • Loko

    The Commission was our mission we ain’t see it come to fruition we ran outta time. Damn.
    Think im just a fan u out ur mind, that was my mafuckin man and my partner in crime

  • Phenom1250

    Bad Boy pretty much went downhill once Biggie died. Diddy let the money get to him and he didn’t promote his artists all too well. Still, Biggie was better off on Bad Boy since Roc-A-Fella barely promoted their artists either while Dame and Jay were kind of schemey sharing profit which is why Beanie Sigel called them both out for back around 09.

    • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

      badboy pretty much took over the hiphop industry once biggie died.. wtf u talkin bout

      • Phenom1250

        Re-read my shit if you don’t know. Yeah a lot of artists grew big off Bad Boy, but not with Diddy’s help. It’s because Diddy just knew how to pick the right artists. Look at MGK’s and Los’s careers if you really believe Diddy did shit for them.

        • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

          Yea rick ross n french montanas careers really are struggling too..

          • Phenom1250

            Rick Ross aint really known for being Bad Boy tho and French is the ‘only’ one Diddy genuinely promoted throughout

    • Dvillain.

      P diddy hit his prime once biggie died

    • vapaperboi .

      gotta admit when u wrong bro just can’t keep justifying

  • HotlineQueef

    if anyone remembers on no way out he says “another day in the life under comission” or some shit on the 2nd song…. i think it was victory. at the end of big’s verse. so that makes sence. you know that shit was relevant niggers

    • Craig

      Lol the fuck man…how are you going to drop hip hop knowledge and then call us niggas with the er.

  • Craig

    Why is anyone even talking to this nigga