Conor McGregor Calls Out 50 Cent; Fif Quickly Responds

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  • Conner


  • fonzo517


  • Andrew Trevillian

    50 got a half boner just for having his name spoken by someone relevant so he reposted the video–even of him being called a bitch….This shit makes me cringe. 50 fell off hard.

    • RNS


    • RastafariTye

      #1 show on cable and still doing big things explain to me how is that falling off? your irrelevant with that thoughtless comment when 1 moves on to bigger things and slow up on music does not mean 1 fell off

      • John Wilson

        Let’s no forget ha had a top 10 Single last summer “I’m The Man” ft. Chris Brown. 50 Cent is very much relevant.

    • FaboLoso

      cuh I was just about to say the same shit lol

      • G.O.A.T

        What fabo??? What were you about to say??? That 50 “fell off”??

        • FaboLoso


          • G.O.A.T

            No bitch but finish your sentence!! If you gonna say something then say it!!

          • RNS


          • FaboLoso


    • imaginationsequation

      Conor n 50 in the same room going back in forth would be pure comedy

    • Amo Morris

      The series POWER alone has Big 50 making big moves…haterz gonna hate, thats wt they do

      • Kal Tourette

        right? It’s a big deal

    • G.O.A.T

      What are you talking about?, numbnuts Logout with your bullshit!!

    • youknow

      these old ass rappers need to take a page out of 50’s book and move on to bigger things instead of holding on to a music culture that is pushing them away

  • smith jones

    Lmaooo this whole event is funny

  • Mike Power

    it’s genius how they are making more money for each other in there circles.. masterminds

  • kushxchevys

    Wtf is wrong with this white boy fighring floyed not me fool lol

  • Manny Bravo

    “What the fuck wrong wit this white boy?”

    That Black from the waist down joke was corny.

  • Bigg steve

    everybody knows That outside the ring conner would walk the dog on both of their asses at the same time.