Complex Updates Their ‘Best Rapper Alive, Every Year Since 1979’ List

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  • chance the rapper? seriously? damn the bar is lower than it’s ever been to be the best rapper alive then

    • Ryan

      what do you have against them man? hes an independent chicago rapper that doesnt rapper about the same lame shit, has actual deep sounds and good word play and


      • nothing against chance the rapper. he seems like a cool dude. but he’s miles away from being the best rapper alive frfr

        • Po7D

          I agree. He’s good, but far from the best. Watch the XXL 2014 cyphers, he gets destroyed by Jon Connor and Jarren Benton. Chance had no flow and was just walking around like a robot.

          • exactly man…I don’t know what their guidelines were in naming him the best rapper alive, but they gotta chill wit that shit.

          • Po7D

            The criteria is, who will the masses either agree with or not criticize to much for picking. Complex definitely do not understand or know what truly rappers or hip hop artists are. Chance got picked because the too many liberal fucks named Coloring Book rap album of the year when it was dropped in March.

            What I think is funny though is how can the best rapper alive change every year? Theoretically it wouldn’t changed until that rapper either passed away or a truly better rapper came out, and to my knowledge Eminem, Nas, Jay-Z, Rakim, TI, and rapper that were named on the list are still alive (and Chance is not better than them). Also, what about the rappers that are amazing that aren’t mainstream. I’m sorry but Ras Kass, Sticky Fingaz (yes of Onyx), Common, Immortal Technique, and so many other mid 90’s rappers are very underrated and are 100 times better than Chance. There’s also too many underground rappers that are better. But hey, I’m not a popular media outlet.

    • Stavros Hölbling

      the fact that they didnt update the list to have Future as best rapper alive in 2015 is the real joke here. but we all know that complex is notorious for dickriding Kanye/JayZ/Drake/B.I.G/LilWayne. pretty much in that order

    • Matt Leon

      Honestly I’d disagree but this guy has worked hard for that title. He is definitely as original as you can get without literally being Kanye.

      • nothing really groundbreaking about his style to me. I’m not saying he’s not good tho. he’s just certainly not the best rapper in the game.

  • JonSnow

    Wtf wayne ran 05-09 stop bullshitting

    • LatarionMilton

      Same thing I was finna say. Complex always coming up with BS lol

      • JonSnow

        Ft lol, They prolly ain’t really realize what he did for the rap game rather looking for the commercial shit. His mix tapes were fire tho.

        • Deep13

          If Carter 5 drops this year (what i don’t really believe) and another Album or Mixtape, he be the next BRA 2017.

          • Matt Leon

            Either him or Em. They both getting ready to drop new albums so if they do, the BRA 2017 contest is going to hands down be between the two of them.

    • Myleage

      nah T.I. had 05 on lock in the mainstream. 50 had 04. Nelly had 03. Wayne was #1 07 (with no album) and 08.

      • Stavros Hölbling

        but didnt GRODT drop in early 2003? how was that nellys year then? even us Euros felt the commercial and cultural dominance of 50’s brutish gangsta antics

        • Myleage

          Nelly went diamond on his 1st album. so did 50. But Nelly was hotter in the US and more of a pop star

    • Stavros Hölbling

      obligatory Kanye dickriding had to make Graduation the trophy to be BRA

  • Sugar-el Edwards

    you dont want no problems, want no problems with me…lmfao

  • A Jay

    Mvp of the year they mean? Not best alive cuz after Pac and Big it has always been Nas and Jay. Some of this is right not all wrong.

  • Po7D

    This list is some bullshit. They’re just going on popularity. How can best rapper alive and drake be in the same sentence? Dude doesn’t even write his own shit. They simply scratch the surface when it comes to this list, especially since Young Thug is a runner up. I give props to chance, I’m sorry though not the greatest. It’s obvious this list just goes on popularity and hype. Fuck it, I’m done.

  • seandonjuan24

    I gotta go with cole for 2016. Plat wit no features. I like chance a lot but cole is on another level. Look out for that dude Nick Grant. If you aint got his 88 mixtaoe you sleep. Most underrated goes to cyhi the prince.

    • Charles Francis

      4 Your Eyez Only didn’t go platinum it went gold but he had the third biggest first week so it’s still a accomplishment

  • Daniel King

    Nicki serious wtf with her commercial shit self she should not be on this list i don’t like or rate drake period either and dmx had shit on lock until like 2000 he dropped 3 sick albums i have them until this day this complex thing might even dick ride drake when he drops more wack ass commercial garbage i am sticking to proper hip hop only few hip hop artists i rate

  • @zaloski

    lol this is wack

  • FlyGuy23

    Drake dominated 2016 like no other rapper did since way back in 09, chance the rappers mixtape was alright, had one good song with weezy and 2 chainz. Just because of his sound and shit he is the best rapper alive for the year in which drake went platinum the first week and still has us all bumping to “fake love”? Complex is retarded.