Complex Names Top Albums Of 2016

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  • andrew scott

    i agree with lemonade being number 1 but views should have been number two. it went triple platinum in a summer.

    • BrodieThaGod

      Views was good and sold like crazy, but straight quality wise it wasn’t 2nd best. I don’t think Jeffrey should be above it but that’s about the only complaint

      • Myleage

        um…what part of Views was good? only song i like from drake in the last 5 years is “Fake Love.” Blank Face and BITTSBM are far better. The Weeknd “Starboy” kills views

        • Ghostface-

          try again. 3 million people think Views is better than Blank Face and BITTSBM.

          You can’t mix preferences and opinions with fact.

          • Myleage

            3 million bought the album and thought it was weak. try again. you cant expect the same ppl who like drake to like Q so numbers dont mean anything

          • Ghostface-

            by what you just said, which was hypothetical, if 3 million people bought Views and thought it was weak, is your opinion. I could say the same stupid statement with Blank Face. 74,000 people bought Blank Face and thought it was weak.

            Numbers mean everything. From Religion, to Music, to Finance. Numbers always mean something.

            “try again”.

          • Ghostface-

            RCAA just made a statement that VIEWS went four times platinum.. so… 4 million people think VIEWS is better than Blank Face? in the world of streaming, where everyone streams music before they buy it, it’s fairly safe to say, 4million people enjoyed VIEWS enough to buy it. Just like its fairly safe to say 74,000 people enjoyed Blank Face enough to buy it.

          • Myleage

            4 million didnt BUY the album. streaming numbers are added to the number of “sold” albums. those 4 millions repeated a few tracks over and over, which counted as a whole album being sold. Views sucks. Facts.

          • Ghostface-

            You are right, streams are accounted for in that number. Just like they are accounted for in the 74,000 number for Blank Face. Unfortunately the amount of replays tells us that people like Views.

            You’re opinion means nothing.

          • Myleage

            numbers mean everything to simple people. just because an artist is more popular doesnt mean they are better. Katty Perry can outsell Aretha Franklin, that doesnt mean she’s better. Try again.

          • Ghostface-

            numbers mean everything to people who like the truth.

            what is you measure for better? because the universal measure for “better” is how much of something you can sell to others. since the beginning of rap it’s been about outselling the competition. having more money than the competition. your OPINION on WHO is better than WHO means NOTHING.

            Aretha Franklin fans think Aretha Franklin is better than Katty Perry.
            Katty Perry fans think Katty Perry is better than Aretha Franklin.

            so who are you to say who is better than who? oh right. you can’t. all you can state is your OPINION. which again means NOTHING.

            you are really dense my g. im trying to explain this to you and you don’t seem to comprehend. 3.93 million more people streamed and bought VIEWS over Blank Face (using your opinion).

            That means 3.93 million more people either LIKE or are INTERESTED in DRAKE.

            Drake sold/streamed 3.93 million more times than Schoolboy’s 74,000 Blank Face.

            These are facts.

            Simply stating your OPINION and than saying “facts” is not factual.

            wtf are they teaching these young niggas.

          • Myleage

            1. im not a “young nigga.” obviously you are ignorant. Numbers dont meant ANYTHING. Drake is more of a POP rap artist. the 80% of the people who like Drake WONT buy a schoolboy q album. DIFFERENT FANBASE. I am a RAP fan and people who like RAP more than POP would pick Q over DRAKE. The 3+million ppl you are talking about arent RAP fans but DRAKE fans. NUMBERS DONT MEAN SHIT. just how money DOES NOT make you rich, being more popular does not mean you are better.

            I never stated that my opinion of how garbage Views was as fact. YOU brought up the fact that he sold 3+mill as a way to discredit my view of VIEWS. Record sales does not equate to quality. Soulja boy was outselling Kendrick back in ’07. Does not mean he is better. You obviously do not know anything about the psyche of mainstream purchasers. The 3millw ho bought Drake do not decipher lyrics, they do not care that much about punchlines. Drake is not trying to be an intricate, versatile rapper. He make hits. That’s it. You cannot say that he is better by numbers. Skill wise, his rapping ability is subpar. THAT’S my measure of who’s better and who’s not. Not record sales, but flow, lyrics, song construction, etc. Record sales cannot substantiate your rapping abilities.

          • Ghostface-

            Numbers are everything. Drake is more of a Pop Rap artist. Schoolboy and Drake do have different fanbases. I am a Rap fan as well. We are on a hip hop website, Rich. You saying the 4 million people who streamed/purchased VIEWS aren’t Rap fans? How do you know that? I purchased VIEWS. I also was alive to purchase Capital Punishment by Big Pun. You are ignorant and in your own wolrd. People are allowed to like whatever they want to like. And MORE people like Drake than they like Schoolboy. Period. Indisputable.

            “I never stated that my opinion of how garbage Views was as fact.”
            “Views sucks. Facts.”

            Those are both quotes from your posts. You losing your mind you stupid fuck.
            You have no solid points and you are contradicting yourself every time you touch the keyboard. Get off HHE and go to class.

            Drake is a versatile artist.
            Schoolboy is a versatile artist.

            Another quote of yours:
            “THAT’S my measure of who’s better and who’s not. Not record sales, but flow, lyrics, song construction, etc.”

            Again nigga, you emphasize “THAT’s” when you should be emphasizing “MY” thats YOUR measure of whose better and whose not. unfortunately YOUR measure for flow, lyrics and song construction is different from everyone elses. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion, but you sitting here spewing stupid shit like “Views sucks, facts” is just representative of your intelligence. Views FACTUALLY and STATISTICALLY doesn’t suck. Facts.

            you can type again but I most likely wont respond.

            thanks for having the conversation and i guess we agree to disagree.

            peace and love

          • Myleage

            You are missing the whole point so let me break it down for you.

            Just because a person sales more doesnt mean shit. the people who bought Views would not buy or probably have not heard of Q. Popularity means shit. it’ll be different if each of those 3 million people heard BOTH albums but chose Drake over Q but that didnt happen. People like you who think numbers mean everything are shallow and likely to be hollow on the inside. You do not need numbers to vindicate your skill.

            I truly hope you dont respond and seek help. People who need outside factors, such as record sales, to substantiate their life are weak minded. I hope you dont kill yourself. If you truly bought Capital Pnishment, then it makes sense why you are spouting this nonsense. Pun’s hard flow and delivery scrambled your brain and now you are confused. Please seek help my brother. Facts.

          • Ghostface-

            listen brother, i doubt we can convince each other to switch sides on this argument so we can leave it if ya want.

            I never said numbers vindicate skill. Im saying good product sells. obviously Drake is selling a better product than Schoolboy.

            We live in a society that practices Capitalism my g. Why do you think Kendrick sold 500k+ first week on GKMC but only 350k first week on TPAB? Its because his message changed. He changed the product. So the sales don’t equate.

            “People who need outside factors, such as record sales, to substantiate their life are weak minded.” I dont sell records u bum. record sales have nothing to do with my life.
            NUMBERS have everything to do with my life. The taxes I pay on the money I earn, the money I spend on the family I take care of, the money your parents are gunna spend on ur ass this Christmas, the phone bills, the land bills, the electrical bills, the hydro bills, the grocery bills, the gas bills, insurance bills, general life expenses.. etc.. etc..

            Only a coward would kill himself. You, Cudi and Q of the same mindset. Me and Pun ain’t wit all that. Facts.

          • Myleage

            Money dont means shit. Money cant buy you happiness. There are plenty of lottery winners who commit suicide or who end up worse off than before the money. It’s what’s on the inside that make you rich. You can take care of your family w/o being a millionaire. There are rich ppl who are terrible deadbeats. GKMC was out before the streaming storm. It had nothing to do with the product. With streaming platforms, more people are streaming and not buying, like me. I streamed Blank Face plent of times but I doubt I streamed it enough times for a record sale. I actually bought his last album. I think Blank Face is better than OxyMoron but I still havent bought it because streaming is a more convenient platform for me to use at the moment. Numbers are an illusion my friend. Rip Pun.

          • Ghostface-

            I don’t agree.

            RIP tha punisher

        • BrodieThaGod

          I like every song on Views personally. It’s not Drakes greatest shit ever but far from terrible. And if you noticed I said they put it in the right spot on the list, Jeffrey the only thing thats above it that shouldn’t be

          • Myleage

            only song I did was Pop Collar, the Kanye version, and one other song. Grammy was waaay overhyped. Used to This should of been on Views instead of that hot turd of a song.

  • Ye’

    List is garbage good albums bad order

    • Grey


  • They put Young Thugs wack shit over Views……which white hipster at Complex made this bs

    • Ghostface-


      triple platinum album therefore statistically far superior than the majority on this list.


  • andrew scott

    ebro gon flip

  • Sciz

    Views should be at least top 5…… Chance deserved 2nd imo

  • yung


  • Prredator

    My 2016 Top 5 albums No.1 PND3, No.2 Rage & the Machine, No.3 Layers, No.4 Blank Face LP, No.5 Untitled Unmastered and The Sun’s Tirade

  • Lol shoe

    Life of Pablo is 4th? The nigga PATCHED HIS ALBUM. I didn’t know you can do that. What’s next? DLCS?

    This is what J cole was talking about. The man released a weird album, and questionable album, yet they ranked it 4th?

    But I do agree with Views ranking tho

    • Matthew

      Kanye doesn’t care where they rank it… just think about artists being able to patch music, that’s kind of sick when you think about it.. welcome to the future of music

  • Ghostface-

    We live in the generation of trolls. These Complex niggas put Views bottom to troll for click bait.

    I feel bad for the generation below mine.

    i just fucking laughed when i saw the Solange pick.. gimme a fucking break.
    2 many white people @ COMPLEX

    • Matt Leon

      I agree. Solange only got fans cause of Beyonce honestly. I don’t like that girl’s voice an her music just makes it worse

  • theweekndxo

    Starboy #1

  • A Jay

    1. We Got It From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service
    2. Pablo
    3. Konichiwa (UK)
    4. Blank Face
    5. Trap or Die 3
    Mentions: Views, Untitled, 4 your eyez, Us or Else, Still Brazy, More Life, DC4

    • Myleage

      1994? Starboy? Us or Else was fire so was Islah but Islah came out too early. these lists tend to have short term memory

      • A Jay

        You mean 1992? It was good too just a throwback album though, Islah and early albums really forgotten lol

        • Myleage

          1992 lol they should have waited until the end of the year

  • Jay Free

    Wow they these hipster writers forget Zaywop dropped th The Sun’s tirade and Skepta dropped Konnichiwa this year. smfh

  • mack

    List is garbage. No Davenport east

  • Dylan

    Missing Sun’s Tirade and 3001: A Laced Odyssey

    • BrodieThaGod

      3001 was soooo good

  • Ratchet God Rep That Cap Life

    Fuck this list Dave east album should have been on here. This list ain’t shit but commercial people.

  • toobieeee .

    young thug trash ass mixtape (even fuck with most of his music) is better than Childish Gambino Album? They should have waited till next year to drop this

  • Matthew

    The Underachievers – It Happened in Flatbush

    • BrodieThaGod

      Underachievers are straight fire. You listen to AKs new solo shit yet?

      • Matthew

        I did man and it’s great but It Happened in Flatbush is on another level imo. I can’t wait for the next project.

  • Blahblah ooo

    Layers ?
    Royce Da 5’9
    You actually put Young Thug and Schoolboy Q

  • Kingquazy

    Birds Fuck The World!

  • Bob Ripley

    The life of Pablo should be first