Ciara Shares Video Of Baby Future Getting ‘Papa Kiss’ From Russell Wilson

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  • Ghostface-

    Lol, I hope Future is as TRAP as he claims. I wanna see some fuckery.

    I really shouldn’t wish that.. but… fuck, I am a weak nigga rn fr.

  • the straight up truth

    I know Future isn’t the most honorable of men so it’s probably easy to get him riled up and drop some new song or something, but If another nigga out here kissing my kid and calling him “papa” best believe we gonna have a fist to face discussion

  • Q Diddy

    I Sure Hope Future Don’t Fall For The Bait !!!!

  • Melo

    This nigga future is somewhere crying and drinking a brolick cup of lean. Too much sauce!

  • Miami_Mayor24

    Black bitches always wondering why they get swerved for the Kim K’s. Them hoes are so petty

    • SlimJuve25

      shit at this point i would take ciara over kim k, but if you would have said kylie jenner i would have agreed

    • Harlee Jo

      Please don’t drink that kool-aid black…men and black women are still number one for each other and Kanye ain’t doing too good with Kim K right now is he? Nigga having nervous breakdowns and shit. Them reformed ho’s break every nigga they get with. And now rumors are out that she cheating on Kanye with a Raider. And Kylie oh dumb ass taking care of that broke ass nigga she with.

      • Miami_Mayor24

        That’s hear say. But here’s a fact. Russell Wilson just had the worst game of his career and it happened while being married to Ciara.

        • Harlee Jo

          You gotta be specific. What’s hearsay?

          Furthermore your theory is ridiculous he’s been with her through two seasons and he’s just NOW playing his worst game? Never mind that he has a young sloppy O-line that didn’t give him any real pass protection, or his receiving core was playing bad too, plus he was playing at Lambeau, in the cold. Don’t a lot of teams win in Green Bay baby. His team is still all alone in 1st place in his division. And I would consider throwing that interception on the final play of the drive to win the Super Bowl as the worst game of his career.

          Furthermore that has absolutely nothing to do with your original comment.

  • Astronaut

    After i get done eatin baes pussy. Stick my dick in her. Pussy wetter than a washing machine. 2 minutes later im nutting unconditionally. Stopping dont help when dat pussy wet after eating it. Be in that shiit making faces like Desiigner. Timmy turner i wish i lasted longer.

    • burk

      Lmao ..,

  • burk

    She is one cold scheming , bitter , bitch. And That footballer fooling can’t keep her in check,.

    • SlimJuve25

      nope can’t believe wilson fell for it, it’s his own fault tho said he wouldn’t fuck til he got married. . . not hating tho he did upgrade from that goofy looking bitch on draft day

    • BmoreTrue

      Why does she need someone to keep her in check? She’s a grown woman not a kid.

      • burk

        Even grow ups need to get checked when they being immature

  • Astronaut

    Still amazes me he named his son Future.

  • thatsjas2 .

    i feel bad for that kid, his mom is using him to drive the real dad crazy!

    • SlimJuve25

      sucks but almost all females do it in some form after break up

  • Reginald Alexander

    She have no morals to use the baby to get at future like this… That’s how u know future isn’t a dead beat father because oof he was she wouldn’t be breaking her neck to be so disrespectful towards him… Only the good father get this kind of treatment REAL SHIT when shit go sour

  • WhoIsMeekMill?

    Future like

    I got the tears the tears the tears the tears

  • WhoIsMeekMill?

    Whatever yo. Whats russel suppose to walk around everyday like “I AINT CHO FATHER LIL NIGGA”



      yes he is actually robert williams

    • Craig

      He didnt have to put his lips on the lil boy.

  • ilikemusic.

    Yea this is some pre-hearing bullshit to get Future to say something bad right before court….Petty yes, but totally allowed

  • Daveon R

    She gonna lose custody doing shit like that, confusing the child and purposely provoking the situation. Sit back and watch how this gonna play out.

  • Freedom

    The man is out here trying his hardest to work, and you got dumbass people trying to make this into a battle. It is a Publicity Stunt people, don’t fall for it.

  • Craig

    Russel is weird bruh. Whats the rule on kissing little boys on the mouth??? You not the pappy for real.

    • Harlee Jo

      He kissed him on the cheek.

  • JiggaWu1430

    Yea this bitch is tripping hard.

  • yung’n realtalk

    future gon kill this nigga smh then seahwks gon be shitty

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  • Myleage

    why they in a bathroom?

  • Just Los

    this fkd upp kinda

  • joseph mccane

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  • DAMIAN Duarte

    She Hella petty

  • Harlee Jo

    First of all that was Russell’s Live feed on Facebook not Ciara’s. Start getting the facts before you go off.

    Futre had damn near all 15 of his kids around Ciara when they first started dating and I’m sure his baby mama’s didn’t like that but that didn’t stop him from having Ciara around them, so why should it stop Ciara?

    If Future ain’t hung up on her then why is it such an issue? His other baby mama’s have and have had boyfriends and I’m sure they’ve been around his other kids.

    And WHY is is such an issue that she has her husband around her son? Do you dums think Russell is just supposed to ignore the kid and show him no attention or affection? THAT would be okay with y’all because to me that would be child abuse. That poor kid is getting too much love and attention for the 3 adults in his life? So its a bad thing???