Chris Rock Compares J. Cole And Kendrick Lamar [VIDEO]

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  • A Jay

    I agree with him both Dot and Cole are good rappers, the push is more on Kendrick ever since GKMC Kendrick as been more pushed. The same push is now on Chance but I feel he has more to prove.

  • Shaun

    It makes sense. Cole kind of does his own thing as far as labels go. I really don’t see Jay Z’s hands in anything he does as far as music. Kendrick on the other hand, you can tell TDE has a big hand in his music, specifically production. But thats just what I’ve noticed.

    • Rome

      They used to be head and head until Cole became that boring wanna be conscious nigga with the lazy and boring delivery. Don’t get me wrong some tracks he eat but as an overall project you know? I haven’t really fucked with these past Cole albums unlike born sinner. I can say the same for Kendrick last albums but overall he’s still being aggressive and just snapping

      • Astronaut

        I see what you mean

      • Ye’

        Nahh forest hills was a dope project in my opinion Kendrick also has his boring ass moments

    • Poopmaster

      I agree I dig k. Dot but cole has always been my favorite artist just based on the work he puts in and he just as humble if not more than Kendrick but they both the top MC’s in the game in my opinion.

  • casarezrich

    This was an idiotic comparison, and to use the “machine”. Cole had every chance to be as big as Kendrick, he’s just not progressing as an artist. Section 80 > J Cole’s whole mainstream catalogue.

    • The Incredible

      How exactly was it idiotic though chief? I mean, I can see disagreeing with it…but idiotic?

      • casarezrich

        Well, because Chris Rock is comparing each artist has around them rather how they’re progressing as artists. Even if Kendrick wasn’t signed to Dre, he’d still have better quality music overall. It’s like nobody wants to discuss how Kendrick has only progressed as an artist while Cole has regressed.

  • Dvillain.

    Cole also does his own production so that takes a lot of time out of his promo or public appearances. Both are phenomenal to each his own.

  • Astronaut

    “DAMN” enough said.

  • thatsjas2 .

    Jay Z has never done shit for his artist besides a feature!

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    J.Cole is better thank K.Dot I will debate anyone!

  • McClint Jay

    I agree. 100%

  • Supreme Trunks

    But didn’t he say Rick Ross was the best rapper? lol