Chris Brown Shoots Back After Bow Wow Says He Launched Brown

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  • “/ all I have to say about that

  • Astronaut

    *Yawn*. Hmmm… who has the better movie career, Samuel Jackson or Denzel Washington?

    • burk

      Denzel hands down

    • Cultured

      Samuel! Isn’t he the highest grossing movie actor?

    • LatarionMilton

      Tough ass question. But SAMUEL MUTHAFUKIN JACKSON!!!!!

    • Frank White

      Shit they literally play the same character every movie, but samuel takes the dub cuz he played a fuckin jedi…

      • No he doesn’t have you seen any of Denzel old movies???

        • Frank White

          You talkin about the movie where he played the angry black man.?

          • Craig

            Lol omg call 911 I’m dying

          • No the one where he was a teacher the one where his dad was white moe better blues he got game lol

          • Frank White

            Lookup the word Typecast and Denzel name will pop up as the definition…..

          • Lol

        • smith jones

          They forgot about john Q smhhhh

          • Remember the tiTans talkin of Pelham 133 the Manchuria candidate

      • Twiz

        Nigga you trippin. Denzel got range!

        • Frank White

          his range is from a mildly disgruntled black man to a full on angry black man. If you wanna talk Range then we talking Johnny Depp…that nigga got range. I want you to picture Denzel playing a fuckin pirate, or Edward Scissor hands…naw Denzel is a Typecast actor man

          • Twiz

            You right about johhny depp but there are few actors as diverse as him. Nothin typecast about denzel except that he black. More diverse than will, mackey all them foos

    • Thee_One1

      Hard to say. I’m guessing Samuel has way more movies under his belt. Way more classics.

    • Denzel

    • NYCityKid

      That’s a hard one. Denzel never made a movie i ain’t like. I’ve still yet to sit and watch snakes on a plane cuz it look like some bs.

      • xnoxes

        Truth. Can’t believe he did that shit. How do you go from Pulp Fiction to snakes on a plane

        • NYCityKid

          Lol. Money

    • imaginationsequation


    • Craig

      They aint got nothing on Chris Rock…. He made Pootie Tang bro…. Pootie Tang.

      • Astronaut

        Pootie Tang was alright at most

  • FaboLoso

    I like bow wow but this nigga needs to stop talking

  • Sean

    Breezy always creeping on IG lol

  • Matt Leon

    Bow is trippin. Bow Wow may have came in the game first but I think if anybody should be saying something like that, it should be Brown saying that about Bow Wow. Bow Wow’s fanbase grew a good bit after the first song that these two did together