Chris Brown’s Lawyer Accuses Karrueche Of Some Pretty Nasty Things

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  • The Incredible

    Chris probably did half of that shit. She probably lying and adding extra shit about the other half.

  • kushxchevys

    She lying they always exaggerate ..specially wheb a nigga has dv priors. Happens every day b…

  • Samisback

    chris brown is a hot head so he could have..but karrueche is a thot so she could be lying, shit I don’t know but I do know it’s time for chris brown to move on, this nigga could get pretty much any female he wants, leave her’s not worth it.

  • Tracey Adkins

    Chris is in trouble now for putting his hands on a photographer, so I guess Rihanna and this photographer is lieing. Chris needs help it doesn’t matter if she’s a Thot or a opportunities his ass is dead ass wrong.

  • The King Of Armageddon

    I’ve said before and I’ll say it again……..STOP CONDONING SUCH HOE ASS SHIT!!! Now take that for any or every meaning u wanna

  • perfect

    There are three sides to every story. Hers. His. The truth.

  • sakota

    Wheres the proof. No pictures??? If you got thrown down a flight of stairs im sure you have bruises and or be busted up. LIES.LIES LIES. She didnt leave until she found out about royality. Even then she was acting like she wanted back in with chris.It was only when he didnt respond to her ploy he is now a woman beater not before but AFTER she left.Bish be humble.

  • Dallon Freeze

    When they had this big blow up Chris and York. Karrueche claimed that she had no contact period with Chris so somebody lying. Like everybody knows Kae pop was gone of the market and it all of a sudden is back on the market 2 days later she took this restraining order out on him. She is thirsty and only known as his ex.

    • hardtimz

      I agree someone is lying!I thought that’s what she said that they had not spoken with one another…hhhmmm?

  • Girl Ok

    Y’all defending this women bitter like he paying yall. I was choked, smothered, dragged, never said anything about it. It happened 6 years ago, I didn’t want to deal with the trouble that came with reporting it, does that mean it didn’t happen? However, I did take pictures and I’m longer with the mf. So if I said it today yes, it would be for the benefit of me, but that doesn’t mean it’s a fucking lie. That’s all I’m saying stop saying ppl are lying you don’t know wtf you’re talking about

    • Patrina Williams

      What the hell you talking about was there?Hell No. So you know them personally? Hell no. Okay so this my opinion I believe she lying period. And you got your opinion so stop fucking with my opinion. She not know victim of anything just falling in love with Chris. I know really dead family of domestic violence and she not one of them.

  • Lil freshy

    lol y the title say that he “accused her of some pretty nasty things”. he aint say shit bad about her other than calling her a liar

  • t-stupid

    These hoes ain’t loyal