Chris Brown Was Kicked Off ‘The Daily Show’ (And Out Of Australia)

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  • ChiTownT

    No he shouldn’t continue to be punished. When is his sentence complete and his debt to society paid. We do the same thing to people in America which contributes to our high recedivisim rate. Also Austrial’s got a lot of nerve seeing it was orginally a prison colony settled by convicts.

    • ykronos

      Was thinking the same shit on the prison colony thing. Also think of how they treat the Aboriginals. So yeah, pretty much fuck them…

      • ChiTownT

        Salute to another God that knows the power of information.


      but edomites will always think that its nothing wrong with treating us this way….thats why i dont feel bad when divine judgement aka natural disasters strikes them down without warning or mercy, which they do not deserve anyways based on the sins of their ancestors and forefathers.

      • KA

        You sound as if you are apart of some religious cult that kinda hate other races.

  • Curser/Woopsie Guy

    He has done a few songs with Rihanna since, if she can forgive him then so should the world, everyone deserves a 2nd chance, their loss really

    • Rich Porter

      They just released a new song together aswell with Wiz

    • rt

      i don’t think rihanna had any options. i mean look what happened to aaliyah.


    they’ll do anything to get their racist rocks off. How long ago was this? I guess because Breezy didn’t go full coon and do domestic abuse commercials and what not.

  • beachbird

    hes had altercations with people since then

  • Kyle C Walker

    this sote fucking sucks. im on my iphone and it bugs out when you write comments fucking fix your shit if you want people to comment. the assuies did right by cutting chris. dont get it twisted rihanna only forgave him in the press truthfully it will never be the same love again. she only forgave him so everyone would stop asking her about it. she was the whitney and bobby brown remake all planned like there relationship! contacts difine the game chris was runing the wave of success and need to be with a match for the game!

  • Zuch

    See, now if they were smart they would have allowed him to come and tell the world that he is no longer that same person, and that domestic abuse is wrong. Sounds like an extreme femanist. Anything extreme, in my opinion, has no place in this world.

    • you might want to google “Collective Shout”, the group behind the petition that convinced the minister to revoke the visa.

  • Notice that Motley Crue were allowed to tour Australia, with fanfare, despite their past crimes, and the money they made off them, being significantly worse than anything Chris Brown has done.

    Do I condone domestic violence? Absolutely not. But we live in a society that believes in the rehabilitation of offenders. He served his sentence and did his community service. He is rehabilitated. He is once more a normal member of society.

    Denying him right to entry is racism. Tyler was meant to be blocked as well, just because of lyrics from his Bastard mixtape. Yet Eminem was allowed to tour, and celebrated for it…

  • “replaced by Nick Cannon”
    acting like Chris Brown was the only person mad in this situation lmao

  • And dude is probably bipolar… not an excuse but if you aren’t aware of it then you can do some crazy shit. I threw everyone’s iPhones into the pool once when I was at my house for example. Fuck Apple and the iPhone 6.

  • Ay.Jay

    “Black balled”

  • Jaris Cole

    Hmm…this seems like lazy reporting. Wasn’t it just last year when Chris Brown caused a scene on the Today Show (or one of those morning shows)? It wasn’t the first or last time he has been a guest on a talk show and acted a fool. I’m not mad at The Daily Show for not having him. They JUST had Spike Lee earlier this week. Following up with Chris Brown is a major step down. Nick Cannon makes sense since he’s in Chi-Raq.

  • pat

    I don’t know why people are upset with those countries for banning Chris. He is being treated like mess in his own country. I thought he paid for his mistake legally. Anyone who has not seen the evolution in Chris, will never see it. Keep your head up kid and stay focused. Royalty needs you.

  • streets

    let the boy breath,,he has been punished already..its enough,we love Chris music,a good performer and entertainer…

  • Jack Napier

    Australia be playin this mans music on the radio and the music video channels…… you really boycotting him when you still supporting him.

  • Antonio Andretti Hawkins

    damn it’s been seven years? sheesh time please slow down

  • KA

    Christ Brown should just live with with being rejected in Australia and New Zealand. He didn’t care when he was acting like an A-Hole in the media and in other places, so he shouldn’t get mad when people react to it. Just accept reality and how life works and keep it moving pimpin. Let this be a lesson to him and Snoop Dogg and Justin Bieber all the rappers and artist who act like they don’t have any home training or manners by perpetrating stupidity but then wants to come hang out in your neighborhood with a gang of hoodlums and knuckleheads.

  • James brooks

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  • Golgo 13

    ye serve him right i don’t feel sorry 4 him

  • Ruben Marin

    US immigration does the same thing. Totally fair.