Chief Keef’s Bail Set

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  • the pic of keef smilin wit the gun trip me out everytime lol.

  • JohnWiick

    The dumb just keeps getting dumber.

  • DragonFlyJones

    MLK didn’t die for this shit man….smfh Black People WE HAVE to do better… how WE gonna scream BLM when a White Man kills US, but when a Black Man kills US, WE praise them & bash the victim.. WAKE TF UP ! STOP BEING BRAINWASHED !! WE MUST STICK TOGETHER & LOVE ONE ANOTHER AND STOP ACTING LIKE NIGGAS !

    • perfect

      So what are we supposed to scream when a black man kills us?!? White lives matter?! hell naw. When we do yall say we are racist. So shut the fuck up with this white/ black shit. Yall dont want to go to war. Oh my god.

      • DragonFlyJones

        brother ima pray for u, because u are obviously too stupid to understand what i’m saying..

        • Amen man, Perfect u need to know statistically you’re 95% likely to be killed by a member of your own race, the black man killing white people is an anomaly when it does happen. You can’t stop ignorance. Dumb ass mommy and daddy have more kids, where is that statistic? This is the result. I mean look, we’re living in the movie idiocaracy man a reality TV star is president FR SMH

          • Errybody KiLLa

            Very true

      • Joe

        @perfect.. stfu idiot. he didnt say anything about race as far as black vs white. hes talking to us, the black community, saying why do we shout black lives matter when a white cop kills a black person yet we black people kill black people and no ones says shit. He isnt bringing race into this in the perspective that youre thinking of, so shut it up, white bitch! Why your white ass on a black culture music website anyways? fucking troll

      • Allen Smith

        The door….. stupidity is a dangerous thing my man

      • Errybody KiLLa

        We been at war for ages..
        This just a different kind of battle..
        I love all races, but if you disrespect me, it don’t matter what color you is, you will one is an exception..
        For every action, there’s a reaction

    • TKingLives


    • Errybody KiLLa

      Fuck all that shit..if anybody disrespect my family, they getting the same treatment as that bitch nigga Ramsey got..
      Black lives matters no more than anybody else’s lives..
      How the fuck we gon come together, when niggas hate on each other so much?
      It’s a respect thing..
      Too much hate in the country to actually be United..
      People would hate on GOD, if they could see him bruh..smfh

    • Kenny Kash Meeks

      White men aren’t killing us, but the authorities are. Big difference. Don’t manipulate, blacks fear even calling them. Don’t let white ppl trick u, believing that shit either to minimize the genocide going on. The people sworn the protect us and clock in to do professional job legally Assault and murder , without consequences when blck on blck murder are charged with murder.

    • HotlineQueef

      ohh fuck off you black panther/black jacket/black butthole

  • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

    Keef and Kodak need to do a joint album together? What would it be called? Hmmmmm?????

  • OHBoy330


  • Astronaut

    They almost killed homie over a verbal altercation. Yaw logic confuses me.