Chief Keef Hologram Show Shut Down After One Song

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  • Deryl L Nelson

    They need to be worried about them crooked ass cops dwn there, talking about who’s a role model! !!! That’s the shit that I don’t like! !!!

    • ITS ME

      Are you trying to argue that Chief Keef is a good role model?

      • Konfuzed

        I guess you don’t know how to read smh he was implying that the cops aren’t any better as role models.

      • mike

        I’m not a chief keep fan..think he sux…but at least he seem like he tryna b a lil more positive, and how a kid that grew up in chiraq gina have “INSPIRING LYRICS” puts he seen to ensure him b4 he made how..yeah MOST cops arnt much better role models or worse even man where I’m from atlaest…n I’m a white man…

        • ITS ME

          Well as a law abiding citizen I’ve only had two run ins with police in my life. And little to nothing came of it because I cooperated with police and did what I had to do. It’s just that simple! But trying to push an agenda of crooked cops on a chief keef post is honestly stupid. Let’s face the facts here, chief keef is no role model, and him attempting to do some benefit concert really means nothing to me. He’s still the same guy that will rap about guns and murders

    • mike

      co sign that twice

    • Zach Strouse

      Exactly!! Check out Str12zy Positive Vibe Media on Facebook. He shouldn’t have to go through such extremes to fund money for a loss of a 1 yr old.

      • Diz


  • love soda! #bang #bang!

    • Somebody that Nobody knows

      Yea me too my favorite kind is sprite lol

  • gunman

    This nigga not even relevant who cares put any news about this nigga in the spam box

  • Good Piff

    He has warrants in the chi? Shit don’t make any sense

  • atown7475

    Guess it wasn’t the community service they wanted him to do. Rather see a nigga picking up trash on the side of the road

  • Ruth Chris AF

    Such an awful emcee. All he does is mumble nonsense and talk about guns. But now you wanna do a benefit?

    • Konfuzed

      Paying respect to someone’s death is really offending you?

    • mike

      lol co sign that…only one worse is young thug…i really don’t get him…is he triennia b wayne..or triennia diss him..regardless he make himself look like a jack ass…so shocked he has fans…but then again if Riff Raff has fans obv this dude would too smh!!! what is this game coming to

    • Je’sus

      People rapo about how there raised south side is just that dangerous and I don’t like chi town artist but he doing something good you hating

  • The police are starting to kill off the minorities (humans) for a reason – we are
    the real Twelve Tribes of Israel. Just like in Egypt (where Jews also
    picked Egyptian cotton and did slave labor), when the “minorities” were
    “fruitful and multiplied”, i.e., in too great of number, it struck fear
    into the elite, Pharaoh’s people, the JINN RACE, Satan’s descendants.
    Their response was to kill the first born males of each Israelite by
    government decree. America is simply one of Satan’s new kingdoms made to
    oppress and enslave mankind, hence the inverted pentagram built into
    the streets of Washington D.C. We are in Babylon The Great of The
    Revelation 17. Be patient, find God, and keep the Commandments, for the
    prophecy is coming and will come to pass, only 144,000 of us will be
    left, similar to the eery Masonic murals at the Denver National Airport.
    They made those plastic coffins and camps for a reason. And God made
    Yellowstone for a reason – He remembers how America was made, and will
    pay her back double for her sins, Revelation 18:2-8. Peace..

    • mike

      i agree totally…n its getting even worse to where they doing it to white ppl also ,after what I’ve seen all over the country and ontop of the BULSHIT happen to me or friends and stuff lately ,I’m sick to my stomach

      • White people aren’t immune to this bullshit. If you aren’t evil, you are a target.

  • mike

    wtf lol

  • Diz


  • YungShoota

    FUCK THE POLICE real tlk these fagget ass whites n police just love fuckin with a niggas money like how they gonna try n lock up a damn holoagram but still they fuckin with this nigga holoagram thats that bullshit. keef a real nigga tho.