Chicago Gang Blogger Allegedly Shot Five Times; Deletes Social Media

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  • jurassicjrod

    some cities seem past saving 🙁
    avoid gang life

    • 100squad

      I don’t agree with you on the first statement, but the second part is well overdue. .That shit is old,stale ,ruins lives, communities ,futures ,our culture ,our way of life & so much more… Avoid gang life indeed, be a leader by not following other’s down a path that truth be told they wish they had not taken..

      • jurassicjrod

        meh…it’s not like i made much of a strong statement….i said it “seems”… all likelihood, this whole country is past saving :p lol

        • 100squad

          Well to me, I like how your comment provoked some thought & perspective from me.. Its not a bout saving its about moving past what was ,dealing with what is & each individual being the light they want to see in the world.

      • BeenASavage

        Better fix them ghetto parents first! most parents in the hood act the same motha fucking way as they kids. how you expect someone to lead? How yall expect shit to ever be fixed when people are just popping babys out like crazy. baby mom mad cuz her baby dad aint wit her and then she takes it oit on the kids and then they grow up to show hatred cuz they aint kno love accept from the fake love the hood shows you

      • just another white nigga

        depends on the set. but for the most part youre right. my OGs really helped me out. put me on when i didnt have nothin. housed me. taught me. kept me from makin mistakes. and my ppl are my BROTHERS, and have looked out for me a lot. saved my life plenty of times. took charges for keepin they mouth shut. even helped my old lady deal w problems n shit when i was locked. n never tried to smash.

        but i know that this is the exception, not the norm. thats what a “gang” is supposed to be. but just like in every group, there are greedy mf predators.

    • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

      True about gang life but cities are always “saved” by gentrification. I’m glad I caught on early and realized a gang didn’t really care about you, just want you do dirt for them. They fucking your girl or trying to the second you’re not around. Shit the city I was born and raised in the mexican gang runs the shit and if you hear about one of the higher ups getting murdered it’s by their own not other gangs.

  • perfect

    wtf is on his head?!? that shit is sus as hell!!

  • 100squad

    Appreciate ya..

  • just another white nigga

    “i aint never seen a white man get shot a bunch of times”

    lol i have. up north (chicago, detroit) we got (some) white folks in the hood, in gangs too. ive been lucky, always caught bullets in my door or my headrest. thats why i drive old metal cars n no convertibles. i was locked up w a kid that got sprayed point blank w a uzi. bullets know no race.