Check The Projections For Lil Pump’s Self Titled Debut Album

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  • You mad huh?

    his music is catchy no doubt but he took yachty adlib (lil boat) and uses the same way. i know theyre friends so maybe its not thought about.

    • Craig

      So did that smoke purp dude. He says lil purp the same way.

  • Johnathan Dough

    I fux with it. Played it in the gym earlier and it had me focused and locked in.

  • 100squad

    Im just trying to I figure out if a Lil pump the same as a half of pump

  • ChiCity300


  • Craig

    So I avoided this tape until the schoolboy cosign. I have it a listen and I hate to admit there are a lot of beats that just hit hard AF. It’s one of them mixtapes where the beats slap so hard it makes it easy to ignore them garbage raps. His beat selection saved him on this one.