Check The First Week Projections For Lil Uzi Vert & XXXTentacion

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  • frankwhitedc


  • frankwhitedc

    Didn’t listen 2 either honestely

  • BrodieThaGod

    This xxx fool really doing those type numbers? Am I missing something?

    • Bill Jansen

      There trash at least only 25k of handicap people bought an the rest streams like uzis single probly racked up most streams …..its really vad music lyric wit all in all no quality brain thinkin ..these wannabe gay no talent clowns just make 20 records an pray the simps wil like 1 or 2

      • Bill Jansen

        Look at Future and have the other people they Mumble a flow they like an cant come up with good lyrics to the flow and they get away with it. if they were to try that shit years ago they would be claimed as garbage because they have no lyrical skill they don’t rhyme they don’t make you rewind they are horrible it’s a joke this generation is really really dumb buy go ahead like your shit I’ll rock with Dave east fab logic n Jadakiss and people that can actually spit and you some smarts and try a little bit

    • SlimJuve25

      emos have a pretty big following, you didn’t miss anything, seems like they don’t care what type of music it is as long as they are put in that mood, didn’t know what xxx was doing for awhile but now i do, not many rappers make music for them smart just a few months ago he was stuck in jail an couldn’t make bail now look at him

    • SwagNation

      stop hatin bitch ass nigga x the truth fuck you

  • J.A.S.

    Who brags about being first to XXX or Uzi?

  • BU dawg

    17 is a great album, albeit 21 minutes long . Coming from someone who was the opposite of a xxx fan. Worth a listen.

    • Jon jons

      what was great about it? I just listened and felt like I was listening to a childs school project. his attention span is shot, for 2min songs??? he sounds creative in a pool of uncreativity, but is subpar. promoted to weaken the rap game

  • A Jay

    This the week they shut down hella Download sites so stream numbers are up but everything still trash but Too Cozy was decent

  • Craig

    I don’t really fuck wit Uzi but I can’t lie there are a couple songs on that tape that go hard. I may listen to xxx just because Kendrick gave it a cosign. Must be something there.

  • Robyns

    Shows must be booming with cash because they fucking niggas over with the streams.