Check The First Week Projections For Big Sean’s ‘I Decided’

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  • Bud310

    Listening to it rn so far it’s Koo

  • HotlineQueef

    i hate blacks

    • Whitedude

      Fuck you

  • Shane Martin

    Album is fire

  • someboidy, not ur bidness

    Wish it had been longer

    • d1gord

      That’s what she said

      • someboidy, not ur bidness

        Why does it have to be a “she”?!

        • Grey

          damn you just made this gay fam..

          • someboidy, not ur bidness

            Least we still fam


          Butt Pirate.

  • HotlineQueef

    i saw him in real life in 2015 and he has the head of a stem cel research victim (big head little body dinosaur lookin ass cunt)

    • Madison Botsch


  • Ahh Real Fudgin Monsters

    Tbh I felt like the album had a good compilation of songs. Some you could turn up to, just chill & vibe too, the tracks for the females & so on. I did feel it was a rather short album, I felt like it could’ve easily had 16-18 tracks. I personally prefer this album vs Culture and hope he gets the top spot.

  • Wavy

    He killed the album it was just too short. He had some songs were he went in & some chill shit.I thought he’d move 200k first week. But I guess not, he deserves it tho.

    • Samisback

      these projections are never accurate, Migos were projected to do 80k but ended up doing Big Sean will probably do somewhere close to 200k.

  • Lol shoe

    Jump out The Window Beat….jesus fuck it’s so good, but the song ruins it.

    Feels bad.

  • SlimJuve25

    everyone seem to like it on here, i thought I Decided was weak an Dark Sky Paradise destoys this album by miles, he went commercial to the max an will end up selling less lmao