Check The First Week Numbers For Kodak Black, Dave East And A$AP Ferg

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  • BrodieThaGod

    Kodak shit any good?

    • Mr postman

      Its decent

      • Bill Jansen

        -Said the special ed section- wtf kodak is horrible ..why??.

        • Mr postman

          Shut tf up billy, Not everything gotta be lyrical. Go listen to dave east, all on his dick writing essays n shit. Fag muffin

    • Bill Jansen

      Of course not the dummys i.q. is like 30 why would be able to spit some good lyrical wit and have anything worth rewinding he is so fucking retarded of course his music isn’t good only mr. Postman listen to it he’s probably handicapped that’s the only people that like that music

      • Killa Cam Newton

        I think it just have alot to do with how you are raised and what you like.

    • A Jay

      It’s going to take getting used to it’s a different sound but Kodak has meaning

    • Meh I mean I don’t like this new rap shit but it’s listenable also he says some real shit surprisingly way better than anything else he has made

    • Johnathan Dough

      Shit is pure flames

  • Bill Jansen

    So dave east is a really good rapper with dope Beats and actually raps with good lyrical content.. he’s what a rapper is supposed to be so what the fuck are these dudes and future and all this other shit called? Because Dave East is definitely top 5 right now and rapping Hip Hop …whats this otha bs mumble auto shit supposed to called? Not rap or an MC ..maybe wannabe rap an rnb ? With technology to make them get on because they’re not smart enough to rap… I give up Dave East and saving the true essence of the game

    • Mr postman

      How his dick taste? You groupie jiggalo

    • SlimJuve25

      but dave east album wasn’t that good, not only that there was no promotion he’s really not out there like that, he’s ight but he’s solo no crew, a worse j cole with no connection to push his name, i would bet that half the people who know kodak have no clue who dave east is, i know of him think he’s better than most but can’t name a single or mixtape, what other artist he chills with or helping him nothing, he’s a ghost that drops a nice single every few months majority of them sound better than the album songs

      • You expect someone who says dope beats yo actually get down with these new rappers lol

  • A Jay

    Honestly best Kodak project so far, last album I listen to this much is Damn