Check The First Week Numbers For Kid Cudi & Gucci Mane’s Albums

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  • Senor Binns

    I see why cudi mad at every rapper now

  • codeinecrazy

    Cudi could make 100k easily. The issues are his shitty label wicked awesome and his late psychical meltdown. He should have never left good music.

    • Gargonez

      And the fact that the put out straight trash for years after MotM 2

      • #JamesEarlStoned

        false. WZRD and Indicud were dope albums. foh

        • bushay914nyc

          Just cuz u put false dont make it tru …cudi washed a few good hits but all similiar bs afta

          • #JamesEarlStoned

            if u say so

        • Gargonez

          In your opinion, I didn’t vibe with it though. I really want a true duo album with him and T Scott

    • wilMaster04

      sorry bro his music is trash

      • #JamesEarlStoned

        ur trash.

  • Matt L Krewski

    Does anybody know how to cop that Gucci? Is it in stores?

    • ask your plug

    • preppy pimp

      It’s only on I Tunes and the writer of this column left out that stat which effects the numbers for the 1st week.

    • Spookeysmoker

      Download or Apple Music not hard to find

  • Brandon Waite

    What about The Lox?

    • poppy magooo

      I feel like I’ve heard everything the lox has to say

      • bushay914nyc

        Dont feel shits fire an new talk beefs ect dont sleep

      • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

        WHAT!? You think gucci mane saying anything new? lol Lets be real here..Besides you DO know that this was the Lox’s first album since 2000 right? This is only their 3rd album together, there’s no was you’ve heard all they have to say