Check Out The Biggest Earners Of Hip Hop For 2017

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  • Rich blackman

    Where’s 50?

    • Fresh One

      Somewhere hating

      • Rich blackman

        LOL. I know this sounds fucked up but I see why niggas shot this nigga. He cant just produce and make money. He has to create some kind of tension. I see why he hates Jay and Diddy.

        • thorn416

          True. He was the mean ass brolic nigga on block punchin niggas out in front of their girl lol.

          Fif is the type of dude that catches beef every week and gets killed at a baby shower or some shit. He’s lucky the music worked out so well for him

    • plsDontreply

      is that a shot at a nigga who got one of the top tv shows on cable? you internet niggaz think anything is funny

      • Rich blackman

        Why he not on the list?

        • plsDontreply

          the same reason drake making more than dre and jay combined…

  • kinglobey

    swiss is doing his thing