Check The Sales Projections For Future’s ‘HNDRXX’

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  • Kevmac01

    TRASHHHHHH he need to end his rapping career.


      Man got Millions of Fans bruh….. give it up

      • Kevmac01

        The man music is trash you coon. He ain’t talking about shit in his music but drugs, jewelry, cars, hoes, and a bitch that don’t want him back.. The man feel miserable about Ciara..


          Future also talk about coming from nothing and Making It and people not believing in you. You lame if you think Ciara is the only female Future talks about he got like 4 BMs and he done smashed niggas Wives and gf he could be talkin bout any Girl lol.

  • disqus_8QIzHBetav

    smh lmao

  • You mad huh?

    future really mad an RnB album thats fire lol

    • Kevmac01

      That shit trash fam..

      • austin hart

        Not really

  • Kevmac01


  • austin hart

    Looking exotic on repeat

    • ITS ME


  • Devin Cobei

    Opinions are like assholes everyone has one…. Whether or not he’s trash or the greatest rapper alive he still makes the sales and the money off the music

  • TKingLives

    mehh, i liked Future better.

  • JonSnow

    I can never missa lost

  • bawse

    this one was for the ladies but it was nice to hear future do some songs that don’t all sound 100% the same

  • ITS ME

    I like this 1 more than ‘FUTURE’

  • ilikemusic.

    man just stop….how you put out all these songs with no variety….this nigga take so many xans he be forgetting how he just sounded