Check Out Two Tracks From The Upcoming Biggie-Faith Evans Album

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  • tristan phillips

    My opinion shit is trash ..But everyone likes diff stuff

  • Astronaut

    Anybody like them songs that came out by her?

    • Herbz 4 Breakfast

      “That shit jumping,” said the crickets.

  • no bruh. just no.

  • ike donovan

    NY will forever be behind in this music shit. If the city is not making some stiff 90s ass beats then they are reproducing the ATL trap beat but with no swing in the sequencer and calling it the new sound of the city. I cant with yall. Does NY or Jersey know about soul or funk in black music… I think whitney was the last person from the tri state who did

    • Herbz 4 Breakfast

      “Ruh Row” in my Scooby Doo voice. Let’s not take it too far, I’m from Georgia and have been throughout the South but I can’t sit here and let you act like everything coming out of the tri state area is trash.

      • ike donovan

        I live in the tristate currently and it is. i would love to here what you think is good right now

        • FlyGuy23

          Dave east

          • ike donovan

            NO and NO. Musically he is ass.