Check Out A Cypher With Desiigner, Lil Dicky & Anderson .Paak

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  • BrodieThaGod

    Dicky took that one down, but Paak did his thing too. I love desiigners energy tho

    • chrism

      You mean the crack he’s on?

      And how is this generation of rappers gonna get bodied by a jew? #White’sTakingOver

      • BrodieThaGod

        Drake a jew too. It’s not the whites, just the jews

        • Lamar XnoXes

          drake half white tho

      • Disordah1027

        you damn right they are,,Im nigga and latino,,and the best real rappers out are the white underground rappers,,,,vinnie paz,celph titled,apathy,and merkules,,,cant none of these new niggas black,white, or purple can fuck wit these dudes,,of course if you into real hip hop that is.

        • Funny Guy

          no necro?

          • Disordah1027

            there u go,fam,,,I forgot dude,,he nice too,,but thats the type of hip hop Im feeling right now

        • Matt Leon

          Actually I’ve heard of some black rappers that are underground that should also be more famous than they are. People like Angel Haze, Lyric Da Queen, 145. But yeah I get what you mean though. I liked Lil Dicky when they first had him rap in the bet hip hop awards cypher last year but I ain’t take him all that seriously cause of his name but he blew up faster than I expected.

      • Myleage

        jew is both a religion and an ethnic group. but not all “jews” are “white.”

    • ilikemusic.

      Same feeling….AP just has such a different style man I love it….he’s like James Brown and Prince had a son who then banged Lyfe Jennings and we got Anderson out of it….Beautiful stuff going on in this cypher

  • 12oClock

    why when desiigner suppose to freestlye it turns out to be a song he wrote listen to that its a song with a hook and one verse not a freestlye

  • HotlineQueef

    i figured a cock would fly out his mouth and into his wrecked rectum



  • mike

    Lil dicky hands down desiigner trash his verse was a verse frm one of his songs

  • Omar

    Lil dicky looks like hotline queef

  • ilikemusic.

    No bullshit can we get them 3 in the studio with Mike Dean to get a mastered CDQ version of this. Shit is hot

  • Maniac

    WhyDesiigner rapping a hook tho? lol I like Desiigner tho, he’s having so much fun with this. He might become a one hit wonder, but shit he’s making the most of his moment.

  • Supreme Trunks

    Yo my boy paak came out with that 70’s fashion

  • Saul Goodman


  • Man Anderson disappointed me. Panda man trash (I refuse to type that nigga name) and a Jew bodied them in less than half the time they took to spit

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  • la’flame

    Desiigner: u be frontin like u want it, if u want it you can get it…. (x10)

  • Darryl Lee

    I thought they said freestyle?

  • Paul Lukes

    Dicky is the only one that even slightly resembled a real emcee…

    • $moke

      Thank you!!!!!! The only person here that has any sense. Dicky put it down and was the only one sounding like he actually can spit. It coulda been longer but compared to the trash the other two were so called “rapping” it sounded good. It’s sad to see where hip hop/rap is going now a days. These niggas is ass.

    • Myleage

      anderson paak went straight off the top and desiinger was not too bad

  • DFTaker

    Lil Dicky had this won! Desiigner just kept saying “hey” and his name every five lines without a real flow.

  • seandonjuan24

    DICKYS A BEAST! “Spittin out tough shit overcooked chicken”. Look at dramas face lol.

  • Nicholas IcoNick Loomis

    I liked Anderson’s the best. Dicky has the best flow tho.

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  • Disordah1027

    this new generation is embarassing,,,the whiteboy was most descend

  • drupp1

    damn that second dude was whack as fuck wow I hope he’s not getting paid

  • drupp1

    dude honestly not one hot bar this was disappointing as fuck I can do a lot better no joke

  • matthew fadden

    disiigner was garbage, anderson-paak was pretty good but lil dicky went in deffinitly was the hardest

  • Melo

    On some RNS, is THIS YEAR a JOKE!!?? None of these dudes went off the top! Why don’t rappers truly freestyle anymore? I’m thinking because most can’t and it’ll ruin their rep if they try.

  • OG Mart!n Tr!gga ✞✈️

    the uzi x yachty x Denzel curry x 21 savage cypher is gonna blow every other cypher away!!


    i cant believe LIL dicky did better than those others. i mean he’s doin better than those jokes. who said white cant rap?

  • Drake Jr.

    Desiigner always fucking lit lmfaoo

  • Win Diesel

    this shit is lame

  • SuperNamekian

    Lil Dicky went hard…. Pause

  • Yall gotta check Lil Dicky’s freestyle on Sway in the morning.

  • Ryk Fury

    This shit is Garbage!!! XXL should be ashamed of itself, For putting these Coons and a barely rappin white boy in front of us. This aint hip hop, who the fuck yall kiddin? I say boycott all this bullshit, till they at least start showcasing rappers that can put a motherfuckin proper sentence together and make some damn sense..Yall lame as fck , for this!!!

  • Keifus~

    How does it feel to be DICKED!

  • manip

    This is a setup to promote lil dicky. lol 2 flash ligths aka (Jim
    Crow) lol Just like reporters get the most ignorant black person. To
    speak on national cameras to the masses. Knowing if they
    would use their professionalism. They could of reported something far
    more professional. I love the subliminal messaging tho. I get it the joke
    racists of the world…ha ha millions of white people laughing at these
    “2 flash lights” …I see your objective . ha ah you want to detour
    white consumers of hip hop . Just like all other musics Blacks and others invented. Appropriation of Hip Hop . The use of borrowed elements (aspects or techniques) in
    the creation of a new piece, and is an example of cultural appropriation.

  • thedudesrug

    Lil dicky

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