Check The First Week Projections For Kendrick Lamar’s ‘DAMN.’

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  • Jayson Jay-Kay Mars

    Incredible album

  • LatarionMilton


  • Johnny Doe

    Another classic

  • ant

    He killed it

  • FlyGuy23

    About 7 good songs. Love his flow switch, but if he can’t sell more than Drake’s “Playist” of an Album the first week after Drake released it on a Saturday. I believe Drakes lyricism was simply complex on More Life, people just write Drake off when it comes to Kendrick. The song Gyalchester is Drake’s original flow and it is arguably the best song off the album, but than there is also Fake Love, his flow is above Kendrick/JCole on a basis of rapping and singing. They both sing and rap on their albums too(LOVE, Ville Mentality) then everyone praises, they switch flows and they applaud them, but if Drake does it than its accusations, criticism, and pure hate. People got it fucked up. -_-

    • Keith Marquez

      No one is talking about drake. That’s the thing about drake fans. They can’t take drakes nuts out their mouth for two seconds to appreciate Kendrick dropping a classic album. Do urself a favor listen to DAMN again, and appreciate culturally significant music rather than cradling drakes nuts. Its Kendrick’s year now.

      • Ye’

        You can’t tell people to take drakes nuts out of their mouth when Kendrick got you gagging

        • SlimJuve25

          he can say that because he is talking about kendrick on something posted on kendrick, drake stan comment about drake on something post about kendrick so he has a point

          • Ye’

            the post brought drake into it first

        • Keith Marquez

          I’m biggin up a classic album on a post about Kendrick, why don’t u mind your business bitch

          • Ye’

            Nahhh you getting sensitive about drake lol chill tf out listen to k dots new shit & smoke some weed or something

      • Nvrgiveup1

        That’s not all Drake fans. Because i appreciate great musiç. I study everybody just like every artist should.

    • Rome


    • Rome

      I actually like drake album tho half of it is boring af. When it comes to straight bars and rappin Kenny>Drake.

    • Ye’

      Sells don’t make an artist

      • Trabiscayne

        We see just that with Big Sean’s, Joey Bodmon’s newest pop albums.

    • Nvrgiveup1

      I’m a very big fan of rapping Drake. But Drake raps for the mainstream meaning somebody’s mom probably bought more life just for the r&b songs. Kendrick don’t care about sells and it sounds in his music. Especially his last few albums. Fuck sells two different artists. And i like both for different reasons.

      • Ye’

        You really can’t compare 2 different styles all opinion based

    • Ye’

      But I do like both of those projects idk why people feel like they have to choose sides but it’s whatever more for me to enjoy I guess

    • Kevmac01

      You sound stupid af!!! You gotta be retarded

    • Supreme Trunks

      Not even close to being true. Drake tries to appeal to a bigger base than Kendrick. Drake sings and makes pop songs and has songs with the euro scene. K-dot just go to hip hop heads.


      It’s because of what drake talk about the same shit girls ,nig hating on em,nobody can touch me I’m the best ,n love songs

  • Kevmac01

    I wish people stop trying to compare drake to Kendrick and Cole. He is no where near their level. That nigga always biting somebody flow. That dude career over with. Find something else to do my guy because rapping ain’t for you. #snake

  • Poopmaster

    Great album

  • Samisback

    Element and Love are my favorite songs on the album..overall solid project

  • Dvillain.

    I personally loved it. Another side to the great Kendrick Lamar

  • Keith Marquez

    Ha. Drizzy wish he had a catalog like kendricks

    • casarezrich

      Drake’s discography is probably the worst, for any mainstream rapper. His music is only getting worse. But, his fans/stans continue to celebrate his watered down work. More Life was by far his worst effort, and I only think it will get worse.

  • Kilomojo

    why people continue to use album sales as a way of justifying which artist is better will always baffle me. views sold way more than more life, and many drake fans think morelife is the better project, so sales mean nothing at all. with that being said, why are kendrick and drake even being compared? two completely different artists

  • Daniel King

    I could not care less about drake sales man is a commercial r n b singer simples I’ll stick to Kendrick and real hip hip over some over rated joke like Drake not on Kendrick level lyrically period like styles p said if it was 90s drake would not of lasted

  • ilikemusic.

    Who you know putting out a double album in one disc!!!?? There are 2 sides to that album. Shit’s amazing