Check All The Months Of Kylie Jenner’s 2017 Calendar [NSFW PHOTOS]

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  • Senor Binns

    Shoutout Tyga

  • 100squad

    Gawd,..I just felt something,..yep I got chub.

  • Ghostface-

    cake one is the best.

    ..still praying i never have a daughter

  • #JamesEarlStoned

    DAMN…tyga dont deserve her bruh.

    • Don’t be afraid

      I remember he used to get clowned because he put his bid in early. Now he’s winning. winning and swimming. That made no sense.

      • Don’t be afraid

        wait yes it did.

      • #JamesEarlStoned

        I mean dont u think that was kinda unfair? He didnt just put his time in, that nigga pretty much groomed her like a damn predator smh. Now she legal and brainwashed thinking their aint no other d*ck available cuz he was prolly pokin her underage got her emotions all f*cked up. I mean cmon this dude cheated on her wit a tranny, and ANOTHER underage girl, then when she tried to dump him, she came running back like she was mind controlled or some sh*t. Idk if thats considered winning bruh…

  • Ned Flanders

    Tyga finally gets a W

  • she poppin tho

  • BigMike

    best lookin 1’s is the cake n center fold

  • SumRandomChik

    I like Kylie. She’s living. Having fun. If only I had that kind of fun in double as many years of life as she!
    Also, July is my favorite. My birth month too. (:

    • Keith Shaun

      july was my favorite month as well.. just the best shot imo..

      her body is hella fake tho.. momma got her starting off mad early lol


    If you tried to hate and couldn’t. … it’s because these shots are winning! Good job.


    August, Centerfold and May winning! Tyga finally got a win. 🙂

  • drupp1

    no one is buying that calendar except for virgins lol she’s gonna get so desperate she’s gonna lek a sex tape

  • drupp1

    of course i would fuck but I seen better in my city