Chance The Rapper May Sell His Next Album

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  • You mad huh?

    im starting to like his music. id buy his album……..ok im lying id torrent that shit like every other album i have lmao

    • Frank White

      it’s the thought that counts..

  • BmoreTrue

    Yeah I’d buy it…favorite rapper

  • Willf

    “1,500 streams is the equivalent to one [album sale]” This nigga isn’t lying; that is bullshit. You literally have to wait to 1,500 people stream your album for it to be one album sale is such horse shit, while one can just by an album and boom; one album sale; lol….

    • Mec-One

      It can be 1500 streams of just a single that will still equal an album sale ….. and it doesn’t have to be 1500 people (750 people can stream it twice & so on)…… there’s like 10 streaming service and if he makes a video, youtube counts.

      • Ovierre

        Glad you did the math. Fuck with chance but he just contradicting about music being free now giving us a corny ass reason to sell an album and really make money. My dude looking for a fat check

        • I shit on your comment

          Whats wrong with that tho? Hes funding his projects his damn self so might as well make all that money back by selling his music.. thats the problem with this world, ppl believe they should get everything for free

          • Supreme Trunks

            True plus now that he got a kid…things change! Perspective changes. It’s cool to live a hippie life when the only person dependent on that is yourself.

  • Willf

    Selling out?? Streaming is $10 dollars a month, people still have to pay for music, or they’re paying to go to concert shows. He just won 3 Grammys; distribution and radio play isn’t going to be an issue……….

  • You mad huh?

    He gotta eat too now lol. Cant keep giving out free stuff.

    • Ovierre

      Aye you stood by that and that’s why people fuck with him heavy don’t switch up now that you made it. That shit corny

      • Matt Leon

        It ain’t corny, it’s business. Giving his albums out for free was a nice thing but he realized that wasn’t making him no money. I don’t believe it’s cause of no chart topping stuff or anything like that but he realized money was running low. His fans are important to him but as any good celebrity family man would say, fans are important but you’re second to a dude’s family. His fans might not like it but he ain’t letting his family go broke just for ya’ll.

  • dhusu

    Nah, honestly if it’s out on torrent in legit FLAC i’m savin my $$

  • Je’sus

    Can’t sell out without a label. Only true sell out is Vic since his group is ” save money” but he’s with roc

  • youknow

    His real fans would buy. He can’t keep up this free shit forever.

  • ilikemusic.

    It’ll be called 4….and It’s gon be 4 dollas even

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Gotta pay those bills.

  • Willf

    It’s not an issue, because people stream songs they hardly tune in to radio play; it doesn’t matter if it didn’t hit the radio his album still charted. Chance’s Albums are going to chart. $10 are in general; either way he’s getting paid for his music.