Chance The Rapper Is Turning Down $10 Million Advances After Grammy Wins

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  • Supreme Trunks

    Smart move man. It takes a lot of faith in yourself and your talent to want to continue doing it on your own but it’s paying off for him. He got the creative control, the money and the freedom to release music whenever he wants.

    • Johnny Digits

      Plus hes dope!!

    • XLR8

      Yeah and keyword: “Advances” he’s going to have to pay that back with interest, he’s getting all his profits right now, if he signs he’s giving up percentages and possibly some rights to his music. The music industry can become a pyramid scheme depending on who you sign to as well, if you sign the head of the company you would still do well but if you sign to a company that’s signed to another company, that’s signed to another company you are going to have a lot of hands in your pockets. Chance is way too far ahead in the game to sign now, he proved he sells already and can fill up concerts.

  • HotlineQueef

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    • Ceo Oberabor

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      • HotlineQueef

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  • bawse

    Taking a record deal is only good if you need cash to get things moving and can’t wait it out until you “hit”. Signing a record deal at this point for chance makes no sense. At this point he just needs a good manager and team.

    • SlimJuve25

      i think he just want more money thats all, 10 million is low he can go on tour an make what they are offering him plus more

      • Frank White

        It seem like dude just wanna stay indepenedent

        • SlimJuve25

          maybe true but everyone has their price, an if it was 20 mill in advance he would have signed making it around 100 mill $ deal 5 albums, so if you cut what i said in half that what drake makes a year reason why he declined the deal

          • Frank White

            idk man..for some people it’s about more than money…look at all the money Dave Chappelle turned down…sometime the only price people will take is freedom

          • SlimJuve25

            true dave turn down 55mill for 3rd and 4th season but thats only because he thought that he was being controlled, at that point he no longer needed them they needed him, now in 2017 dave signed a deal for 60mil with netflix an i’m sure they pretty told him to do what he wanted big difference to a man thats already rich can the same be said about chance?

          • Frank White

            Well that’s the thing you just mentioned..Dave felt he was being controlled. Chance doesn’t want to feel controlled so I think he’ll take a deal only if it allows for him to have his own say basically. That’s why they said he’s doing something with Apple Music. It’s probably less restrictions with them opposed to a record label

    • Macshawn

      The man just won a grammy plus he’s already doing songs with artists like lil wayne 2chains and kanye and he’s able to turn down 10 million dollar deals it seems to me his management and team he got now doing a good job better than most a&rs at major labels

      • bawse


    • Errybody KiLLa

      Why are the best artists signed to major record labels tho?

      • bawse

        A lot of them signed before they had enough money to fund the basic infrastructure themselves. Others find it better to give record companies X% and focus on the music instead of trying to spend half the day managing designers/accountants/lawyers/marketing teams.

      • bawse

        plus the ability to make it without a record label is pretty new… it wasn’t there when drake was coming up but a few years later we had mac miller and wiz leverage the internet… and the rest is history.

        • Spark Jack

          Your so wrong Tech 9,Master P and a few other have done and been doing this for years he is not the first.

          • bawse

            The point is that distribution changed in a big way. Im not sure how you can say otherwise.

  • Kangerkong

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    • Black Hippy 47

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  • youareincorrectbitchnigga

    chance was sneak dissing xxTENtaxion by turning down 10mil deals – HHE Editors

  • ilikemusic.


  • TKingLives

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