Chance The Rapper Drops “Big B’s” Ft Young Thug

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  • Whitedude

    Not really an “unlikely duo” since they’re constantly in videos together..

    • Myleage

      what videos? i only know yt was on mixtape

      • Whitedude

        Not in videos of songs together, just making cameos in videos together. Specifically young thug being in the “No Problem” video but I feel like there is at least one more that I can’t think of.

        • Myleage

          oh yeah true

  • Loïk Hassan Surviva Charles

    Y’all forgot they did “Mixtape” together?

  • Je’sus

    Throw away

  • Manny Bravo

    How is it an “unlikely duo” when they’ve collaborated before? Hire me to do the research, HHE. I will have my journalism degree in May. Hit me up.